Mobilizing Children for “Climate-Culture Revolution” turning into global Climate- Dictatorship 


Climate-Culture Revolution, Illustration:

Climate-Culture Revolution, Illustration:

“History doesn’t repeat itself but it often rhymes,” as Mark Twain is often reputed to have said. And indeed, certain patterns accompany us today as they did then: For example, children were an indispensable means of exercising power for the biggest dictators such as Hitler, Stalin, Mao or Pol Pot. Why should modern power strategists renounce these tactics? What used to be “enemies of the state” or “class enemies” are now, in times of global re-education by the UN, simply relabelled as “climate offenders” or “climate deniers”, mingled in with ‘conspiracy theorists’ who are now labeled ‘domestic terrorists’ by the FBI. During the Chinese Cultural Revolution of 1966, parents were accused of supporting the old exploitative order and of preventing the establishment of “true socialism”. 

Today, parents are accused of causing through their irresponsible way of life, climate change that destroys the future of subsequent generations. Therefore, the “Fridays For Future” (FFF) could indeed end in catastrophe – not with a man-made climate catastrophe, but with a social and economic catastrophe that threatens to throw back the development of Western society, just as the terror of the “Red Guards” did throw back the previous high culture in China. The strategy of using children skipping school to instigate a violent over-through of the social order is not new. Mao forced schools to close in the first weeks of the Revolution, 1700 class enemies were murdered by juveniles. Mao mobilised 11 million youth on the Square of heavenly peace and ended up killing 60 million class enemies.

Analogue translation from German language Expresszeitung   Mit der «Grünen Kulturrevolution» in die weltweite Klimadiktatur?

The Friday for Future protests were  inspired by Margaret Klein Salamon, PhD; the original paper was published in April, 2016, under the title, Leading the Public into Emergency Mode: A New Strategy for the Climate Movement. It introduced a new paradigm for climate action: emergency mode. Salamon, PhD argued that, in order to protect humanity and the living world, the climate movement must tell the truth about the climate emergency, and act as though that truth is real — employing emergency communications, militant tactics, and demanding an emergency mobilization from the government and all society, as the policy response.

She fantasises about an event like Pearl Harbor to mobilize the masses: “The surprise attack on Pearl Harbor led the United States to “flip the hive switch” and enter emergency mode in an incredibly powerful, productive way.“ Sounds a bit like if she could launch a false flag climate disaster to bring in the climate- culture revolution, she would.

Communism/Socialism killed at least 94 million in the last century.  – The Black Book of Communism, 1997.

Who are they protesting against?

The fundamental question every climate change activist should ask, is: Who or what am I protesting against? 99% of all powerful organisations, persons and corporations support the theory that Climate Change is man- made and are in favour of more CO2 taxes, more regulations, strikter laws. This global establishment is determined to ramm through the climate change agenda, which is regurgitated by the protesters. These entities include:

-All left-wing and centrist politicians and most “right- wing” or “conservative” politicians of almost all nations.

-the UN, the EU

-all public schools, universities

-all large corporations, big banks, big oil 

-all mainstream media, all social media, big tech

-all of Hollywood, TV, entertainment

-even the church, Vatican

-Even Angela Merkel explicitly applauded the Friday protests (which are “against” her government?)

So, climate change activists are not fighting against “the System” or “the Elite” but against the common people. They are protesting FOR the interests of the globalist elite, the climate change agenda IS the SYSTEM. Thus, if activists really believe in CO2 as the cause of climate change, then they don’t need to protest, they could just lean back, consume and watch how the globalist elite take away people’s transportation, heating, affordable housing, affordable food… just as they promised to do. 

Not unexpectedly, the protesting students do not care about climate in their personal decisions. A study by the Swiss newspaper Sonntagszeitung found 66 percent of the 13-17-year-olds in Switzerland went to summer vacation by airplane or car in 2019, without any environmental concerns. No Greta – Effect here. For half of the people below 24, climate was not considered in vacation planning at all. It turned out it is the majority of older generations and conservative voters who are concerned about the environment when planning vacations. 

Those Climate Change deniers who think the climate change agenda is just hot air, will be in for a surprise. Natural (solar modulated) Climate Change is real. Anthropogenic Climate change is a lie. The alleged scientific consensus does not exist. 

The next Grand Solar Minimum has most likely begun and it is projected to stay for several decades.

A Grand Solar Minimum initially causes erratic precipitation, storms, frost, flooding, crop failure and in the long run, global cooling. Due to increased cloud coverage, single heat waves and drought increases.  All these historically and geologically well documented effects will then be easily and falsely attributed to anthropogenic Climate Change. The long term cooling my go under the radar due to food shortages. The public is even being prepared that cold records are due to Anthropogenic Climate Change, too.

The same phenomena of protesting in favour of the agenda that is being rammed through by the global establishment anyways, applies for the establishment position on refugee policies and mass migration into western countries. All the before-mentioned institutions and persons are in favour of more mass migration into western countries, the UN have long planned to resettle 70 million migrants into Europe under the strategy of “replacement migration”. The UN have deleted from the Internet their document called Replacement Migration – the United stated:

“Replacement migration refers to the international migration that a country would need to offset population decline and population ageing resulting from low fertility and mortality rates.”

Most people in Europe are against more migration. Protesting for more mass migration is protesting against the people and in favour of the globalist elite.

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  1. Excellent article again. I am going to use this logic on everyone I meet who needs to wake up. Propaganda in the UK is getting ridiculous!


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