Walrus is the new Polar Bear. used for climate change propaganda

Walrusses are “falling from heights they should never have scaled.” (they are being chased off cliffs by polar bears). Anti-human climate change propagandists and depressed middle aged cat ladies are telling children it’s because of man-made climate change.

Your children are not guilt-ridden and depressed enough over climate change yet? Globalist elitists can fix that. It is becoming more widely known that polar bears are not dying from climate change at all, they are thriving and are more numerous than ever in the last 50 years. Plus Arctic sea ice is increasing not decreasing, and climate change is not man-made to any significance extent.

Now the walrus is chosen as the new poster child victim of climate change, getting killed by polar bears, and it’s still your fault…

Attenborough's Arctic Betrayal

Attenborough’s Arctic Betrayal

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  1. If humans have any effect on climate, it’s more to do with deforestation than CO2 emissions, which have had zero effect on climate, for the last 600 million years, that is, until ‘carbon tax’ was invented.

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  2. SIR D.A. is now a collaborator with the ”establishment” and a senile fool!
    Greta, the well known loony, should get back on her medications.

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