An icon of the Suicide (Attempt) of the West


Swedish Police officer holds sign " White Silence in Violence".

Swedish Police officer kneels with sign ” White Silence is Violence”.

During the current “Anti-racism” riots in the US, almost all democrat politicians and media have uttered sympathies and understanding for the arson and looting in US cities, while they fail to condemn murder and lynching of non-blacks, hunted down by angry African Americans and white Antifa mobs.

Meanwhile, all over the world, police are ordered to stand down at violent protests, in spite of Corona Lockdown, many officers take to kneeling on command before people of color and ask for forgiveness for the crime of having been born white (the very definition of racism). A female Swedish police officer knelt with a sign ” White Silence is Violence”. Even though it’s just a random sign and logic is not the strong arm of police officers nor of angry social justice warriors, let’s try to disseminate the logic in this, because it is emblematic for the current Auto- Genocide (attempt) of Europeans and white Americans. The first such self-extinction (attempt) in known history.

So now, apparently in the minds of today’s left, not only speech is violence, but also non-speech. In all national law conforming with U.N. human right, a victim of physical violence has the right to appropriate physical self-defence. Therefore, if  “White Silence is Violence”,  white silence allows for violence against the person who is silent. In other words, if a white person does not acknowledge that he or she is racist even if they never did anything unjust — then any member of a “oppressed” group has the right to bash in their heads, like we are seeing it all over the US right now. If you don’t want to be a part of the group Black Lives Matter – for instance because you don’t agree with some of their rhetoric calling for violence – then that means you think black lives don’t matter and you deserve to be beaten by angry mobs.

The irony is white left- voters are the only ethnic group in the world or in known history, who are more favorable towards any group other than their own, meanwhile all of the groups that liberals claim to protect have a clear in-group preference, and are high in ethnocentrism. And they are the only group who are being collectively accused and accuse themselves of being racist by birth.

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  1. Worried about the whites?! Look at what they have done all along history!
    The Germanic tribes and the Jewish/Ashkenazi tribes believe they are superior to all other creatures. The Germanic (Anglo-Saxon, etc.) are viewed by the Jews as inferior to them – because they have a “god” who told them they are special!
    The Anglo-Saxons bring the world under an iron-heel, and then the Jews take it for themselves.
    Utterly stupid of the Anglos!


  2. How about this:
    “The burning of many urban areas in America is falling disproportionately on the neighborhoods where many Black people work and live. In some cases the worst of the violence being done in Black neighborhoods comes from well heeled youths. A portion of them live in privileged gated communities whose inhabitants are capable of purchasing security from privatized police.”
    (from here:


  3. Race and ethnicity are illogical categories which combine illicitly skin color and milieu. When you raise a black child as a white intellectual it will become like you, when you send your kid to grow with black drug dealers in NY it will become like them. There are predispositions but social education is stronger. When you leave your country for love and live years in Mexico or Japan the Swiss will finally look alien to you. Alexander the Great used this effect to merge families and societies.

    Race and ethnicity are categories meant to tell a narrative why some people must have less and some deserve more. That was the case in the Roman reich, during the Reconquista, in Latinamerica until today, in Africa, in Europe (Greeks are lazy) and in fact everywhere. It is a strong narration usually starting with: Imagine you are the chosen one… It goes into two directions and it always leads to separation and hate. Name him a dog and you can kill him.

    The revolts in the USA are underpriviledged people asking their share of GDP and resources. Feeding too-big-to-fail banks and too-important-for-health-to-fail pharma and software companies and drugging the unimployed rest is not a sustainable policy. Both democrats and republicans have actively worked towards a failing state. That for sure could be called ‘western suicide’, even if the white elephant behind is energy shortage.

    Of course the wonderful genetic pool of mankind, the variety and beauty of man must be preserved, it strengthens our health and our biological chances. A monoclonal world society would be the last we need.

    When black drug addicts rob and kill white upper-class people it must be valued as milieu induced. If white policemen kill more black skinned per official act than white skinned, constitutional equality rights might be affected.

    When white skinned upper-class kids try to induce a revolt of uneducated black skinned it seems deeply racist. They believe the blacks need to be freed the upper-class kids way and cant decide for themselves. That is something completely different than support and solidarity for fellow citizens, family and friends. Those activist dont commit suicide, in fact they are highly supremacist – as if there werent enough black intellectuals to decide. It smells a bit like Arab Spring.


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