Austrian Governor proposes Armbands for Covid- Vaccinated Citizens

What happened the last time when a little angry man from Austria demanded that his people (the good ones) must ware certain armbands and the others (the bad ones) must ware another type of armband. ?

from 16. February 2021, translation AbruptEarthChanges

“Solidarity Armbands for “good Vaccination mood

“I’m helping ! I have been vaccinated. ” Silicone Armbands with this slogan are intended to further increase the willingness of the population living in Austria to opt for a corona vaccination. At yesterday’s conference, Governor of Kaernten Peter Kaiser presented his idea to the federal government, the “solidarity” Armbands for Corona-vaccinated people.

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  1. I meant THIS life, as we know it, on Earth.
    Jesus said: “My Kingdom is not of this world.”

    That should give an idea . . .


  2. It is clear that evil wins all the time; it just changes faces.

    Life is evil.

    (I don’t make my address public; I interact only on the site. Too many snooping devils.)

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