Did A Meteor Cause a Brush Fire In New Hampshire?

Mary Greeley

Investigators and fire officials in New Hampshire are looking into the possibility that a meteor may have started a brush fire that has currently burned through about 50 acres in the White Mountains.

Near the opening of the Lost River Gorge and Boulder Caves, officials are using a parking lot as a base for their operations. The sky is filled with smoke as firefighters have been working to put out the fire for almost 32 hours.

Early Tuesday morning around 6, fire officials received calls reporting a small brush fire. It quickly spread, and is now covering an estimated 50 acres of land.

Though the cause is still under investigation, Woodstock Fire Chief John Mackay told WBZ-TV a man walking through the area Wednesday told them he saw something–possibly a meteor–hit the side of the mountain while he was driving by the night before.

“He swears that something come out of the sky and hit the side of the mountain where the fire is,” Chief Mackay said. “We can’t confirm it or deny it, we just took his word. We don’t know if that is the cause.”