Black Death and Abrupt Earth Changes in the 14th century

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Black Death and Abrupt Earth Changes pdf


The period from 1310-1350 saw the death of at least 50% of the population of Europe and Asia, in some areas, the accumulated death toll is believed to be in the 75 % range. It took more than 200 years for the population of Europe to recover to the previous numbers of the late 13th century.[1] Already in 1315 -1320,  the decline in population coincided with natural disasters that led to crop failure, abandonment of farm land, and the Great Famine that killed about 30% of the European population.

The greatest loss of life is of course attributed to the Black Death pandemic of 1348-51, which is commonly believed to be the result of a contagious disease imported from the far east. Traditional models contend it to be bubonic plague, others suggest pneumonic plague, anthrax or small pox.

The period from 1290 onward saw severe climate change and astronomical anomalies, which culminated in the 1348 crisis. The events at this climax involved comet/meteor sightings, earthquakes, noxious gases from the air, from the ground and the sea.

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Solar eclipse on SDO satellite 5. 25. 2017

SDO:AIA 193 2017-05-25 18:50:27 UT

SDO/AIA 193 2017-05-25 18/50/27 UT

This nearly total eclipse is a very rare event. The last SDO solar (partial) eclipse was only in 04.30. 2014.  That repetition has a very low probability for a tiny little satellite. Total solar eclipses aren’t rare; they occur roughly once every year or two somewhere on Earth. But any given spot on our planet’s surface gets darkened by the Moon’s shadow on average only once about every 400 years, so in that sense totality is indeed rare. The same likelihood would apply for a satellite in Earth’s orbit unless the satellite is very close to the moon. NASA claims that” There will also be three lunar shadow events each year from this orbit.”(of the SDO satelite). Why is the moon’s shadow not significantly larger than in a solar eclipse on Earth?

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The changing electric sky: “Steve” is out again

Images from  The phenomena newly named Steve was seen for the first time in April 2017 and now for the second time on May 20th. This time it clearely showed coiling filaments in the pattern of Birkeland currents. In April, Roger Haagmans of the ESA had said:(…) “It turns out that Steve is actually remarkably common, but we hadn’t noticed it before. ” So how did they know it’s common?  Or did they mean it’s going to be common?

Steve Animation


Leaen more about Birkeland Currents

What are Birkeland currents? How are Birkeland currents formed? What do Birkeland filaments have to do with space plasma? Why does astronomy and science refer to these twisting spiralling charged plasma phenomena as magnetic ropes, Flux Transfer Events (FTE’s), space tornadoes? Are the confirmed Birkeland plasma currents in our solar system, connecting the planets to the sun, evidence of an Electric Universe? You can read more about the discoverer of them, Kristian Birkeland.Birkeland filaments, plasma z-pinches (zeta pinch) and plasma double layers also seem to be a common plasma partnership in space.


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Winter northern hemisphere snow cover is increasing


winter northern hemisphere snow extent

Snow extent in the northern Hemisphere  has been increasing since at least 1967, in both North America and Eurasia.

Data by Rutgers University Global Snow Lab (GSL)


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Beam of shadow in the sky over Switzerland

What can “cast a shadow” into the blue sky? An anti-sunbeam? Zurich, Switzerland 5.15. 2017

beam of shade Switzerlanad 15. may 2017

beam of shade Switzerlanad 15. may 2017

Video below

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Erbeben Schweiz Earthquake Switzerland May 7th 20017

Sonntag 7. 5.. 2017 07:42 Raum Zürich, Magnitude unbekannt

Sunday, May 7th 2017  07:42 CEST Zurich region Magnitude unknown.

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Global Power Grids Went Down Due to Weak Magnetosphere & Plasma Electrification (352)

Adapt 2030 plasma sky April 23 2017

Operation Gotham Shield, power outage and solar activity

New sky phenomenon discovered and named ‘Steve’

Roger Haagmans of the ESA said:(…) “It turns out that Steve is actually remarkably common, but we hadn’t noticed it before. ” So how did you know it’s common?




Video by Adapt 2030

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On April 18th thru May 5th, 2017, state, local, and federal organizations alike are planning for Operation Gotham Shield 2017 — a major nuclear detonation drill in the New York-New Jersey area, along with the U.S.-Canadian border. During this exercise, 4 nuclear devices, 2 of which are rendered “safe” during the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) Vital Archer Exercise, and one successful 10kt detonation in the NYC/NJ area, along with one smaller detonation on the U.S./Canadian border are to take place.

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Trump’s change. Is Pence in charges already?

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Silent “Sonic Boom” over Switzerland – Lautloser “Überschallknall” Schweiz

Thursday, April 13th, 9:42 (CEST)

A yet unexplained strong pressure shock wave was felt over the town of Sempach, Canton of Lucerne in Switzerland. Residents reported an inaudible thud shook their houses and it made their ears ring. Similar to the pressure when a high speed train enters a tunnel. Witnesses say it felt like a strong “sonic boom” but they did not hear anything. No low flying airplanes could be seen in the blue sky over head. In the town of Sursee, in 8 kilometer distance, a sonic boom was heard but also, no airplane was reported.

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Main Stream Media embrace wild conspiracy theories. ‘Wag the Dog’ in Syria.

Wag the dog MSNBCAs President Trump appears to show his true colors by lounging air strikes on a Syrian military base, wild conspiracy theories are being circulated in the Main Stream Media, based on the (as of yet) unsubstantiated conspiracy theory that Russia had ‘somehow’ meddled with the US election.  MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnel theorized that Putin ordered Assad to lounged a ‘small’ chemical attack to provoke an American military response which then in turn should distract the media from the alleged Russian influencing with the US election.

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St.Gallen: Zahl der Tötungsdelikte verdoppelt sich in einem Jahr. Canton of St.Gallen, Switzerland: Number of Homicides doubled in one Year.

ST.GALLER KRIMINALSTATISTIK ⋅ Im Kanton St.Gallen ist es im vergangenen Jahr zu doppelt so vielen vollendeten- und versuchten Tötungen gekommen wie noch 2015. Auch die Zahl der schweren Körperverletzungen hat stark zugenommen. Im Grossen und Ganzen wurden 2016 jedoch leicht weniger Straftaten erfasst als noch im Jahr zuvor.

St. Gallen criminal statistics:  –  In the Swiss Canton (Equivalent of  State) of St. Gallen, the number of homicides in the year 2016 has doubled in comparison to the year 2015. Further, cases of aggravated assault also increases significantly. Overall, however, in 2016, crime has decreases slightly in comparison to 2015.

Tim Naef Tagblatt 

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Overview recent Knife Attacks in Germany, March 2017. The Destruction of Europe


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– Messer- Attacken in Deutschland von Donnerstag 16.3. bis 2.4. 2017: 190 Fälle in 2 Wochen – Knife Attacks in Germany 3.16. to 4.2. 2017: 190 cases in two Weeks

190 Messer-Attacken in 2 Wochen. Messer-Attacken und ähnliche Gewaltverbrechen im deutschsprachigen Raum nach Ereignisdatum (jüngere Daten oben stehend): Bei ca der Hälfte der Zeitungsberichte werden keine Herkunft der Täter oder Tatmotive angegeben. Zu diesem Zeitpunkt kann ich noch nicht sagen, ob es sich bei den Ereignissen der letzten Wochen um eine statistisch relevante Häufung von Messerangriffen handelt. Weiter ist zu klären, ob auch Deutsche seit einiger Zeit immer öfters mit einem zück-bereiten Messer Leute angreifen. Jedoch, bei 10 -13 Körperverletzungen oder Tötungen mit Messern  pro Tag allein in Deutschland (das sind nur die bekanntgewordenen Fälle) drängen sich Fragen auf:  Seit wann ist das so?  Auffälligerweise findet man in vielen der Polizeireporten Beschreibungen wie “plötzlich zückte einer der Männer ein Messer…” Wie viele gewaltbereite Menschen laufen heutzutage mit zück-bereiten, gefährlichen Messern herum?

190 knife attacks in two weeks. How is it that so many men in Germany have knives ready to draw in seconds? Knife attacks and similar acts of violence in German speaking Europe by date of occurrence (most recent on top). In most of the news reports, the background of the perpetrator or the motive is not known. At this point, I can’t say whether there is a statistically significant increase in such attacks and we don’t know whether also German men are attacking people with knives every day. But with 10- 14 cases of assault or killings with knifes per day only in Germany (these are only the cases that were made public) the question arises: Since when is this going on? How many people are running around with dangerous knives ready to draw in seconds nowadays?






Sonntag 2.4. Siegaue in Bonn-Geislar.

Bonn: 23-Jährige vor den Augen ihres Freundes vergewaltigt – Polizei sucht mit Phantombild nach dem Täter

Vergewaltiger greift Paar mit Messer an

Ein unbekannter Täter hat eine 23-Jährige und ihren 26-jährigen Freund auf einem Zeltplatz in Bonn brutal überfallen und die Frau vor den Augen ihres Freundes vergewaltigt. Die Frau verbrachte gemeinsam mit ihrem Freund eine Nacht auf einem Zeltplatz an der Siegaue, dem Mündungsbereich von Rhein und Sieg. Jetzt sucht die Polizei mit einem Phantombild nach dem Täter.

Das Paar wurde von einem Mann überfallen, der mit einer Machete bewaffnet war. Der Täter zwang die 23-Jährige aus dem Zelt zu kommen und vergewaltigte sie. Anschließend floh der brutale Sexualtäter in Richtung Rhein. Der Freund des Vergewaltigungsopfers alarmierte die Polizei und Rettungskräfte.

Die Polizei setzte bei der Fahndung Hubschrauber und Spürhunde ein, die Suche blieb erfolglos. Die beiden Opfer befinden sich den Angaben zufolge in seelsorgerischer Betreuung.

Polizei bittet um Hinweise

“Das Paar selbst konnte eine sehr gute Beschreibung des Täters abgeben, diese gleichen wir aktuell ab”, sagte ein Sprecher der Polizei. Wer etwas beobachtet hat oder Hinweise zur Identität sowie dem Aufenthaltsort des mutmaßlichen Täters machen kann, soll sich bei der Polizei unter der Rufnummer 0228-150 melden.

Der Gesuchte wird wie folgt beschrieben:

Der ca. 1,80 Meter große Mann soll zwischen 20 und 30 Jahre alt sein. Er ist dunkelhäutig und hat eine schmale Statur. Er soll laut Zeugenangaben “gebrochenes Englisch” gesprochen haben. Der Mann trug eine helle Jeans und eine kurze Sommerjacke.


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Atmospheric lightning: ‘blue sprites’ over Brazil

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Messer- Attacken in Deutschland von Sonntag 12. 3. bis 15. 3. 2017 (mit Updates)

Messer- Attacken und ähnliche Gewalttaten in Deutschland und Österreich

Am Sonntag 12. 3 veröffentlichte Oliver Janisch das untenstehende Video, in dem er auf eine offenbare Häufung von Messer- und Axt- Angriffen in Deutschland hinwies. Hier sind einige Presseberichte von ähnlichen Ereignissen die seither vorfielen.

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War Correspondent Says Mosul Safer for Women than Sweden

Magda Gad twitter   Award-winning war correspondent Magda Gad has tweeted from Mosul that the war-torn city is safer for women and more peaceful than Sweden’s capital city.

“There’s no law on the Islamic veil here, and it’s safer for a lone woman to be outside than Stockholm,” the war journalist said on Twitter.

Deutsch: Mosul für Frauen sicherer al Stockholm

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The Invasion: The first wave is rolling (Germany March 2017)


Oliver JanichSeries of knife- and ax- attacks in Germany. Video by Oliver Janich, (English translation by )



Video below:

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“Con-trail rings” from tandem planes over Lucerne, Switzerland

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Lucerne, Switzerland, March 13th 2017 Kondensstreifen- Ringe über Luzern, Schweiz , 13. März 2017 See video:

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Carbon dioxide not ‘primary contributor’ to global warming, EPA chief says

Published time: 10 Mar, 2017 01:29 Edited time: 10 Mar, 2017 11:16

watch video here

Scott Pruitt, President Trump’s new administrator of the US Environmental Protection Agency, does not think carbon dioxide is the primary contributor to global warming, a belief his own agency contradicts.

Read full article on

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Düsseldorf ist erst der Auftakt: Lügenpresse vertuscht islamistischen Axt-Terror


Dusseldorf is just the beginning: Lying Mainstream  Media over-up of islamist  Ax- Attacks.

Here an English translation version of  Oliver Janich’s Video :

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Was this Cave an Underground Shelter? Knights Templar’s cave in Britain

Knight Templar Cave in Shropshire
(Photo: Michael Scott/ Caters News)

The Mirror published these stunning images by photographer Michael Scott of the large 700-year-old cave, known as Caynton Caves, that lies beneath a farmer’s field in Shropshire, Britain. The complex is believed to have been used by the medieval religious order of the Knights Templar that fought in the Crusades.

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Schumer’s threat to Trump, “Russian hacking” and Vault 7

After months of  allegations and vague accusations made by the left-wing political establishment and the mainstream media about “Russian Hacking” that allegedly somehow  influence the election, it now turned out that the intelligence community has all the means to forge the fingerprints of foreign hacking. So, even if the CIA had produced any evidence of “Russian Hacking” it would be baseless. The grave implications of the Wikileaks disclosures on Vault 7 are this: Whenever a nation makes any accusations against any other power based on collected intelligence, it must be considered that the evidence could be fabricated altogether. Anyone can say anything about anyone…including private citizens. Thus, your television watching you might be one of the more harmless aspects of the surveillance state.

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SOTT Earth Changes Summary – February 2017: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs

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Oroville Dam Update March 6th, 2017 Manipulation of rebar?

This gallery contains 4 photos.

How did these rebars snap off all at about the same length without bending? Were the bars two short without overlap to the next row? Or were these stumps of rebar inserted after the fact? Compare to images of demolition … Continue reading

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Erdbeben Schweiz, Stärke 4,7 – Earthquake Switzerland, Magnitude 4,7

Der Schweizerische Erdbebendienst an der ETH Zürich hat im Kanton Schwyz, 7 km nordöstlich von Klausenpass ein Erdbeben registriert. Das Beben ereignete sich am 6. März 2017 um 21:12:07 Uhr (Lokalzeit) mit einer Magnitude von 4,7 auf der Richterskala. Bis anhin sind keine Schäden gemeldet worden.

The Swiss Semiological Service at the Federal University Zurich registered an earthquake 7 kilometers north-east of the Klausenpass in the Kanton of Schwyz. The quake was recorded on March 6th, at 21:12:07 (local time) with a magnitude of 4,7 on the Richter Scale. At this point, no damage has been reported.

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Earthquake (Erdbeben), Zürich, Switzerland 6. March 2017 21:12 CET

Earthquake  Zürich Switzerland 6. March 2017 21:12 CET

Magnitude unknown (approx. mag. 4), very short in duration. updates will follow here.


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Ja, Venus strahlt heller als früher (nach offiziellen Quellen)

Falls Sie das helle Objekt am süd-westlichen Abendhimmel bemerkt haben und sich fragten, ob es möglich sei, dass der Planet Venus in letzter Zeit heller scheint als in früheren Jahren an der gleichen Position, dann ist hier eine gute Nachricht: Sie sind nicht verrückt!

Venus kommt alle 583 Tage in die nächste Position zur Sonne, die sogenannte unteren Konjunktion. Zu diesem Zeitpunkt (dieses Jahr ist es der 25. März) befindet sie sich jeweils zwischen der Sonne und der Erde und ist von der Erde aus nicht sichtbar, die Position ist mit der ‚Leermondstellung‘ vergleichbar.

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Yes, Venus does shine brighter than ever (according to official sources)

If you have noticed the bright object in the south- western evening sky, and have wondered whether it is possible that the planet Venus could shine much brighter than it has in the past in the same position, here is some good news: you are not crazy!

Venus comes into its closest approach to earth, the so-called inferior conjunction, about every 583 days, when it is exactly between the sun and Earth (this year it’s March 25th). At this point, it can’t be seen, it could be compared to a new moon position.

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Schumann Resonance 20.2.- 22.2. 2017

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