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Why the left will most likely fail to set off a major race war in the next few decades

In 1992 the brutal beating of Rodney King triggered the L.A. riots,  63 people were killed, looting and arson led to 1 billion in damage. 

solar cycles 1954 to 2019 Race Riots

Solar Cycles vs Race Riots 1954 to 2019,  data: the 10 Worst Race Riots in American History and Major Race Riots in the U.S.

Today, the far left elite in the US and other western countries are increasing their efforts to provoke race tensions. The political establishment, mainstream media, corporations, entertainment are all actively trying to ramp up anger among all minority groups, which together form the majority.  Black Lives Matter, founded by George Soros, calls for the killing of whites and police;  Al Sharpton is calling for the killing of white people, numerous celebrities  keep calling for violence against conservatives (meaning white conservatives, of course).

They trash black conservatives as Uncle Toms, or as CNN commented of Kanye West, as“Nigros who don’t read”.  Hittlery Clinton specifically SNUBS National Police Union.

Media  celebrities go out of their way to misrepresent police shootings of blacks and fire up twitter outrage. Needless to say, some of these shootings are unjustified and must be prosecuted, and yes, some racists do exist. But judging from the media frenzy of an endless stream of edited snippets of video that don’t tell the entire story, the average viewer will not know the simple facts about race and police brutality: for instance, white people are more likely to be wrongfully shot by police than black people. Conviction rates are proportional to arrest rates, arrest rates are proportional to admission rates and even voluntary self-reporting of crimes.

Almost every day, NGOs, the media and other activists organize angry marches and create the illusion that there are endless gangs of racist cops who are driving around, hunting black people for sports. 

So, with all the institutionalised race bating, lies and the daily hate mongering, why have the elites not been able to trigger another Rodney King Riot in recent years?

Granted, the Rodney King beating was the first police brutality incident caught on camera and televised. On the other hand at the time, the media and politicians in general denounced the looting and violence, they also unapologetically portrayed those looters who drove up with their cars to loot liquor stores and who did not even know what the riots were about. Today, you can be sure CNN would come out with justifications for the mob beating of Reginald Denny.

Why are African Americans not taking the bait today? Even to the contrary, with lowest black unemployment rates in history, African-American support for Trump surges to 35%.

Is it the low black unemployment rates or Trump’s Criminal Justice Reform, that benefits primarily Black nonviolent offenders?

Likewise in Europe, the political Elite and Media are trying to rile up migrants and far left activists to attack conservative voters and “Climate Sinners”, but it is still a minority of a few angry, spoiled Trustafarians/ Antifa who take the bate and launch violent attacks on normal people, for instance on German AfD politicians and voters. Violent crimes committed by migrants are usually politically neutral, the mostly leftist asylum workers are even at greater risk to become victims.

Now, social unrest and revolutions take place overwhelmingly at the peaks of 11-year solar cycles, the solar maxima, and in the multi decades time frame, they take place almost exclusively at the peaks of Grand Solar Cycles. The 11-year-cycles of human excitability were discovered by Alexander Tchijevsky in the 1920s, whereas the Grand solar cycle connection was empirically proven in my book Solar History (2018). The correlation is very strong, you can almost set your clock on it.  The correlation of solar activity with human behaviour is stronger and more predictable than that with climate. We are talking about hard data and not esoteric believe or astrology. 

Not only are we currently in the solar minimum of the 11-year cycle, but we are expecting a very weak peak around 2025, and then the most probable beginning of the Next Grand Solar Minimum, which could last from a few decades to over 100 years. Read about the additional historically regular consequences of a Grand Solar Minimum here. 

Sunspot Numbers NASA 1610- 2019 plus projection SC 25

Sunspot Numbers NASA 1610- 2019 plus projection SC 25

If you are one of those who are complicit in stirring up race tensions for whatever reason, keep in mind that in the1980s, the US Government established a martial law plan that explicitly involved the detaining of 21 million African Americans in detention camps in case of an uprising. (see details below).

So, if the clock keeps ticking, the major race riots of the past are unlikely to erupt in the next few decades, just as the Fergusson Riots at the last maximum did not reach the magnitude of the L.A. Riots. 

However, a grand solar minimum usually brings (in the long-term) precipitation extremes (droughts, flooding, snow), storms, lightning, crop failure and food shortage and in the long run global cooling, in other words, much the same as the false doctrine of man-made global climate change is prophesying. 

Protests are more likely to erupt over actual austerity caused by globalist governments against authoritarian abuse of power, and their artificially inflated energy and food prices. 

The yellow vest protests in France are at the roots about EU climate taxes and migration policies. Hongkong protesters are fighting totalitarian Chinese rule. All over Europe, 10,000 farmers protested over fuel prises and Eu agrarian regulations, as in The Netherlands, Denmark and Germany. 

Violent protests against government corruption erupt in Latin America, Chile, Ecuador, and Bolivia. 

In three years, about  half of Swedish communities will run out of money. One in five municipalities is already bankrupt, running on loans.

The Swedes will be happy to pay more taxes to provide for their migrants (not so much for their own elderly parents, who are drifting into poverty. But since they already pay over 60% taxes, this will only work briefly, and then they will have to deal with hundreds of thousands of hungry, homeless, angry young men who were indoctrinated by European politicians that Europeans are racists. 

The chain reaction across Europe is a matter of years or months, as bankrupt countries will struggle to pay for the 10 million migrants who arrived in the last 5 years, plus 5 million illegals.  Germany and the UK will be next to provide a warning shot to the rest of Europe and the West to confront reality. 

But there are good reasons for hope: As the globalist elite is losing control over the minds of normal people, all of this madness we are seeing will have a positive effect on the character and self- esteem of the remaining population, and if behavioural trends continue to follow the pattern of the solar history – then we can even expect many integrated migrants, the disgruntled, the oppressed and the “oppressed” to stand on the side of their western residence country and help to defend civilisation.

So, stay away from angry, unhinged people and help to make the world great again.

Sacha Dobler



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  1. ”However, a grand solar minimum usually brings (in the long-term) precipitation extremes (droughts, flooding, snow), storms, lightning, crop failure and food shortage and in the long run global cooling,……”
    My conclusions from all the present climate phenomena, is that the planet is in the early stages of the next glacial age. From deep sea and lake core drillings, covering the previous million years, this phenomena includes widespread forest fires, caused by trees suffering from malnutrition, and increased extreme weather events, eg. early and heavier snowfalls, and record high and low temperatures.
    {All of which have been very evident recently.}
    From this core data it was shown that the change over in the past, has been in as little 20-50 years.
    Trees are not only the ‘lungs’ of the Earth, they are also the climate conditioners, and the unprecedented human deforestation, world wide is likely to accelerate the change over. Paradoxically, it is the warming that produces the increased evaporation, and therefore the heavier snow falls, that trigger the change.
    So, this cold period could be much more than a short term event.
    This is also probably why the ”smoke screen” of ”global warming” is being promoted, because there is nothing that Governments can do to prevent the change.


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