Hormonageddon – Deutsche Ausgabe

Hormonageddon – Wie chemische und elektromagnetische Einwirkungen in drei Generationen den menschlichen Charakter schwächten – Sacha P. Dobler 2022

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  1. It is difficult to make accurate predictions. I recommend my article the next grand solar minimum:
    for global temperatures to drop, it usually takes a decade or more in a grand solar minimum. floods and droughts (including heat waves) show up earlier. They must have known that greater climate variability is occurring in a beginning Grand Minimum, that’s how they switched from global warming to climate change.


  2. To Sacha Dobler:

    Off-topic, could you inform whether the solar activity – with the resulting changes in temperature – can be foreseen years in advance?
    Unlike the lies about the existence of “viruses” – which only those with critical thinking can discern – the lies about the climate change is in everyone’s face, if there isn’t any of such.
    Since high temperatures have been a fact for several years, it is easy to fall for the explanations offered by the evil manipulators.
    But they must have known that the temperatures would be a fact; otherwise, the gamble would have been very risky.
    What do you say?

    Thank you.


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