Hormonageddon – 2021 free E-book

New Book: Hormonageddon – How Chemical and Electromagnetic Influences weakened the Human Character in three Generations Paperback – Sacha P. Dobler


Have you been wondering how many people became more docile, defeatist and irritable recently?

Males, for instance, increasingly conduct themselves as if they were suffering from plummeting testosterone levels, including depression, passive aggression and negative attitude to life. And that is what has been happening. Testosterone levels in men were declining about 1% per year for over 50 years and more recently up to 2 % per year. 

Measured by testosterone, a man is now “half the man” his grandfather wasAnd many think: ‘thank God.’

Likewise, women are not the women their mothers were. 

What’s more, all other markers of reproductive health – and with them the expected behavioral and social disturbances – are moving in the same direction at roughly the same rate: estrogen levels in women, infertility, miscarriages, genital malformation, cancer of the reproductive organs.

This factbook will elucidate how all of these biological changes are consistent with the well-established multi-generational effects of endocrine disrupting chemicals and, more recently, electromagnetic fields as used in wireless technology.

The same disruption of sex hormones that is pushing humanity, at the current progression, towards borderline infertility or ‘a median sperm count of zero by 2045′, can incidentally also induce people to just not care, to accept increasingly authoritarian government actions and to jump up and insist these actions are not authoritarian at all. 

This is a book about testosterone and estrogen that does neither tell men to “man up” or women to act this way or another, nor does it complain about male toxicity – whatever that means. Rather it aims to have a positive impact on a reset event. 

The hormonal havoc results in well-meaning, but shortsighted, empathy-driven political decisions that will cause destruction and suffering further down the line. 

Most who subscribe to current day extreme progressivism and radical “wokeness” ideologies, are not just indoctrinated, but they are biologically inclined to it, they truly feel it in their core. 

So, it is appropriate to try to understand where they are coming from. 

None of the political and social problems of these decisive times in history can be solved without a regeneration of healthy hormone balances especially in gonadal (sex) hormones. 

Precautions can be taken to prevent endocrine disrupting chemicals and sources of radiation for the rebuilding of civilization.

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