Unvaccinated Unwelcome – it is illegal in Germany to compare possible early stages of two historic events.

Germans and Austrians are still wondering in 2021 how their ancestors could have gone along with the Nazi regime. Guess on what side this shop owner would have been on, had he lived 70 years earlier. The German Dr. Jaroslav Belsky was sentenced to one year of prison for comparing Covid Policies to the Nazi Regime.

What is happening around the world under Covid policies is not comparable yet to the Holocaust or any other genocide. However, the purpose of historical comparisons is to recognise early stages of discrimination and persecution in order to actually prevent a genocide. Millions of people around the world are being locked up in their homes and forced out of their jobs, forced to declare their medical status in order to buy or sell. Aboriginals in Australia are being forcefully taken away by the military to Covid detention camps. How long does one have to wait to get the permission from the government to compare early stages of totalitarian regimes?

Meanwhile this is going on in Australias detention camps.

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