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Hormonageddon – How Chemical and Electromagnetic Influences weakened the Human Character in three Generations Paperback 2021– Sacha P. Dobler

Hormonageddon 2021 -  Sacha P. Dobler

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Have you been wondering how many people became more docile, defeatist and irritable recently?

Males, for instance, increasingly conduct themselves as if they were suffering from plummeting testosterone levels, including depression, passive aggression and negative attitude to life. And that is what has been happening. Testosterone levels in men were declining about 1% per year for over 50 years and more recently up to 2 % per year. 

Measured by testosterone, a man is now “half the man” his grandfather wasAnd many think: ‘thank God.’ Likewise, women are not the women their mothers were. 

What’s more, all other markers of reproductive health – and with them the expected behavioral and social disturbances – are moving in the same direction at roughly the same rate: estrogen levels in women, infertility, miscarriages, cancer of the reproductive organs. Genital malformation in boys is now almost at 3 %.

This factbook will elucidate how all of these biological changes are consistent with the well-established multi-generational effects of endocrine disrupting chemicals and, more recently, electromagnetic fields as used in wireless technology.

The same disruption of sex hormones that is pushing humanity, at the current progression, towards borderline infertility or ‘a median sperm count of zero by 2045′, can incidentally also induce people to just not care, to accept increasingly authoritarian government actions and to jump up and insist these actions are not authoritarian at all. People, especially men with normal testosterone, who are happy, healthy and productive for society, are perceived by the mob as dangerous and “toxic”. The decline in gonad hormones cannot be an evolutionary effect, as low gonad hormones are concurrent with infertility and a lower desire to have children. 

This is a book about testosterone and estrogen that does neither tell men to “man up” or women to act this way or another, nor does it complain about male toxicity – whatever that means. Rather, it aims to have a positive impact on an unprecedented reset event. 

The hormonal havoc results in well-meaning, but shortsighted, empathy-driven political decisions that will cause destruction and suffering further down the line. 

Most who subscribe to current day extreme progressivism and radical collectivist ideologies, are not just indoctrinated, but they are biologically inclined to it, they truly feel it in their core. So, it is appropriate to try to understand where they are coming from. 

None of the political and social problems of these decisive times in history can be solved without a regeneration of healthy hormone balances especially in gonadal (sex) hormones. 

In this updated version, I point out the recent incites on how the CovId vaccine has accelerated the collapse in sex hormones, infertility and the process of Hormonageddon at a mindboggling speed. 

We’ll also discuss precautions to prevent endocrine disrupting chemicals and sources of radiation to improve mental and physical health for those who will rebuild civilization. 


When people read the title of the Forbes story: ‘You are not the man your father was’[i] a few years ago, many affected men thought with regards to themselves and women thought with regards to men: ‘Thank God (or rather, thank heavens).’  What they don’t know is testosterone alone does not cause aggression in men, rather to the contrary.

So, what does this really mean, when measured by testosterone levels, an average man is now ¾ the man his father was and half the man his grandfather was? Compared to our grandfathers and everyone before, we are technically chemically half-castrated. And what does this mean when likewise, women are not the women their mothers were? Aren’t we all just more peaceful and tolerant now and everyone sings kumbaya? No.

Testosterone levels have declined from 1999 to 2016 in adolescent and young adult men (AYA), according to results presented at the 2020 American Urological Association. Mean total testosterone decreased from 605.39 ng/dL in 2000 to 451.22 ng/dL in 2016. [ii] A decline of 25 % in 16 years, or 1.5 % per year. 

65-year-old finish men in 2012 had 37% less serum testosterone than 65-year-old finish men in 1983. [iii] A decrease of 1.27% per year].

Meanwhile, sperm concentration and total sperm count declined between 1973 and 2011 by 50–60% in Western countries. [iv] At the current trajectory, males will have a median sperm count of 0 by 2045. [v]

In all of this, it is important to note that foetal (in utero) testosterone is more decisive for male and female development and the integrity of a society than are the effects of ongoing testosterone reducing agents in adulthood. The latter effects are partly reversable, the in-utero effects are not. Rather, they are accumulating over generations. Preventing endocrine disrupting effects in pregnancy has the biggest positive impact on the well-being of a human being. 

A study by Stefano Parmigiani et al, 2003 concluded that “exposure to very low doses of endocrine disrupting chemicals during fetal life permanently alters brain development and behavior in animals and humans”. [vi]

We are now an epigenetically modified species, biologically and behaviorally different from those who built the infrastructure we live on. It will take more than a generation to reverse the process.

Our personalities and all our opinions are influenced by this multi-generational hormone disruption.

In all of this, it must be considered that artificial administration of hormones or administration of hormone releasing pharmaceuticals do not involve the full natural activation mechanism, they don’t generate healthy and sustainable hormone balances and mostly soon have a counterproductive effect. A homeostatic effect might set in that can further shut down natural hormone release. See below how testosterone replacement therapy can even accelerate the process of ‘Hormonageddon’.

Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals can cause a progressive decrease in sperm counts over multiple generations—a phenomenon that environmental scientist Pete Myers refers to as a “male fertility death spiral.” [vii]

Studies on the causes for declining testosterone levels in men are conducted prevailingly in non-western countries, again along the line of the vicious cycles of already low testosterone inhibiting the drive to find out what is going wrong with the instincts to create prosperity and a future for their own family. 

Dr. Shanna Swan insists the decline in sperm counts is serious: even though she does not speak of a direct path to extinction:

“If you follow the curve from the 2017 sperm-decline meta-analysis, it predicts that by 2045 we will have a median sperm count of zero. It is speculative to extrapolate, but there is also no evidence that it is tapering off. This means that most couples may have to use assisted reproduction.” [viii]

Well, invitro fertilization can only help in cases of loss of sperm mobility and numbers: it will mean kicking the can down the road, but only for a short time, because of higher rates of birth defects in IVF babies (see page 35).

Men lack testosterone, women lack estrogen. Women behave more like men, but that does not make them feel better: 

Common symptoms of low estrogen in women include: fatigue, depression and mood swings. 

Coincidently, by many objective measures the lives of women in the United States have improved over the past 35 years, “yet measures of subjective well‐being indicate that women’s happiness and self-reported well-being have declined both absolutely and relative to men.” This paradox of women’s declining relative well‐ being is pervasive across demographic groups and industrialized countries. “These declines have continued and a new gender gap is emerging – one with higher subjective well‐being for men.” [ix]

A tragic accident? 

There are now hundreds of endocrine disrupting chemicals in food, drinking water and household goods, so it is impossible to differentiate what substance did what exactly. But as it happens, we are not only approaching borderline male infertility by 2045, but more dramatic is the fact that all other markers of reproductive health – and with them the expected behavioral and social trends – have been moving in the same direction at about the same rate, around 1% per year, and in the last decade accelerating to up to 2 % per year: Not only falling testosterone levels in men and falling estrogen levels in women but miscarriages, genital malformation – including micropenis – cancer of the reproductive organs, all moving towards a scenario as in the movie “Children of Men”. 

 A French study showed that sperm count has been decreasing 1.9% per year. And that was up to 2005. [x] We don’t even know the current rate. 

Coincidentally, the males of this society react to this “selection process” just as it is expected of low testosterone males: by shrugging their (feeble) shoulders in the face of their approaching genetic extinction. 

It is a hard pill to swallow, but an undeniable fact, that we have turned out to be very different from previous generations, and this not because of psycho-social adaptation or because ‘times change’ and societies ‘evolve’, but mostly due to chemical intervention. Peoples and cultures don’t “change”, just because they want it so. Individuals sometimes change. No wonder grandparents and adult grandchildren understand each other less than ever in recorded history, they can’t. Throughout time, grandparents always had concerns the youth should be more prudent and respectful or foresighted, but after all, they realized they were just the same when they were young. 

But now, we are a different breed of humans. As an average human you don’t have the same personality you would if you had developed in a pristine, natural environment. 

What has happened to our gonadal hormones over 3 generations is now part of our personalities, our opinions, our hopes and dreams. 

Gonad hormones literally determine political elections. In the 2012 presidential election season (Obama/ Biden’s reelection against Mitt Romney) weakly affiliated Democrats had 19% higher basal testosterone than those who identified strongly with the party. When weakly affiliated Democrats received additional testosterone, the strength of their party fell by 12% (p=.01) and they reported 45% warmer feelings towards Republican candidates for president.  “Testosterone induces a “red shift” among weakly-affiliated Democrats,” summarized the paper. [xi]

Leaving out artificial testosterone administrated in the experiment: If a 19% lower basal testosterone level can make a strongly affiliated Democrat as opposed to a weakly affiliated Democrat, then what would this mean for testosterone levels of men 50 years ago, when they were twice as high as today?

By the trajectory the democratic party has shifted to the left in recent years, it is easy to extrapolate, that if people as a whole would not have their gonad hormones artificially compromised, i.e. if man had the testosterone of their grandfathers (twice their current levels), and women had the estrogen levels of their grandmothers, then no one would vote for the current democrat platform. Biden could have received but a few percentages of the votes. Again, people and peoples don’t just “evolve” without an interference to biology and times don’t just “change”. 

In recent years, average men have become the open target of social developments of politics, media and corporations.

Men (prevailingly – but not exclusively – in the West) are taught to believe without evidence that they are humanly inferior from birth, “male toxicity, believe all women, systemic sexism, systemic racism, neo-colonialism…”. 

And the more they are accused without evidence, the more they try to appease their accusers and make concessions that they will help to fight male toxicity and that they will “do better”, even if (and especially if) they have never done or said anything racist, sexist or homophobe or malicious in their life.

By the same token, women are indoctrinated to believe all men are somehow morally deficient, and those women who don’t go along with it, are then targeted as well and they are told that they are responsible for everyone’s and everything’s problem in the world. 

Most average people are in favor of tolerance and acceptance.  

The point here is not whether people accept alternative personal identities, lifestyles and other cultures, this has happened increasingly in the past decades in the West and beyond for the first time in history. The big challenge for humanity is how the scales have flipped so abruptly, how it is possible that average people suddenly are targeted and willing to apologize for simply being straight or ‘cisgender.’ (See for instance: Government funded feminists suggest banning heterosexual relationships, and no one protests). [xii]

While all of the exposure to authoritarian ideology has an obvious influence on normal men and women – especially on susceptible young people – there is an underlying biological foundation to all of this, and I will demonstrate that without drastic bio-chemical, endocrine and cerebral changes, which have accumulated over decades, normal people would never accept the premises of current political and social doctrine.  

Feminism does not cause boys getting born with micropenis. Radical progressive indoctrination does not cause underdeveloped testicles at birth that produce low testosterone (hypogonadism). Internet censorship of “politically incorrect” media does not cause various forms of genital malformation (now at 2.7% of newborn boys and girls). 

When people are opposed to radical transgender ideologies, when children are indoctrinated at school that being transgender is not just ok, but the norm and that they have to choose their gender, then the proponents often argue that some people are born with an intersex condition, with ambiguous genitals and secondary sexual markers and sometimes even with non-binary genetics (neither 46XX nor 46XY). “Conditions in which chromosomal sex is inconsistent with phenotypic sex, or in which the phenotype is not classifiable as either male or female”, the prevalence of intersex is about 0.018%.” [xiii] Then opponents of current gender doctrine often argue that these are extremely rare cases and the affected children should be evaluated and helped on their way individually.

All of this is changing rapidly, with about 3 % of boys being born with genital malformation, there are now exponentially increasing numbers of actual intersex persons, affording more validity to the transsexual discussion.

The transformation cannot have happened in terms of genetic evolution in 2 to 3 generations simultaneously in different cultures, neither via natural selection nor by naturally induced epigenetic changes, be it also because variations from hetero-sexuality and ‘cisgender’ identities result in lower birth rates.

Imagine trying to convince your grandfather that people born today should pay reparations for crimes committed hundreds of years ago, while currently committed crime should be decriminalized, as in California. [xiv] Or imagine your grandmother being told that women who want to raise children, are just week and abused by the patriarchy.

I remember my great grandfather, a gentle, soft-spoken rock of a man, at almost hundred, in the 1980s, sitting in front of his house, playing his mouth organ after feeding his sheep. If someone had told him his great grandkids had to pay reparations for two hundred years ago and they had to be taught gender reassignment ideology in kindergarten, he would not have had it. 

He had gone to defend the Swiss border in two World Wars, his grandparents were of the generation who began instating constitutional governments, democracy, equal rights for all humans, the end of privileges for nobility, separation of state and church, the abolishment of the concept of inherited sin or original sin. Things were far from perfect still at the turn of the millennium, obviously, but they were better than at any other time or place in history.

Even if he had been locked up, tortured and brainwashed in a socialist reeducation camp, he could not have accepted that original sin should be reintroduced.

Whether people like it or not, hormonal and behavioral differences in species and genders have developed over millions of years, and they had good reasons to be the way they used to be a few decades ago. Humans have changed their social behavior and lowered reactive aggression over hundreds of millennia, including the process of “self-domestication”. More recently, aggressive, antisocial individuals were removed from the gene pool in the pacification process in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance (by harsh punishment of violent crime), which decreased interpersonal violence and aggression by a factor of up to 50 within 800 years. In nature, major genetic shifts occur every 10,000 years; in modern humans these changes take place every 400 years, and they always go through solid biologicals selection processes insuring sustainable changes. 

To allow (either recklessly or intentionally) artificial chemical and radiological influences to alter human biology – even if they make people more mellow and less confrontational for a time – will certainly lead to a fantastic genetic selection event and population reduction in the coming decade(s). 

Solar History (2018) pointed out what I call a ‘glitch’ in the relationship between solar- /geomagnetic activity and human excitability.

In the Modern Grand Solar Maximum, roughly the past century, the pattern of violence and solar activity seems to be interrupted sharply after the 1950s. After two world wars, solar and geomagnetic activity kept increasing to record levels in the 1960s and remained high only to drop off in the late 1990s. But interpersonal violence already leveled off precipitously after the 1950s. On the other side of the spectrum, following the historical pattern, since the early 2000s, we should be seeing an increase not only in peacefulness, but rationality and invention. 

In Solar Behavior (2020) I had proposed a hypothesis of what could have contributed to this inconsistency, which I defend unaltered to this day. But what I had underestimated is the impact that artificial chemical and electromagnetic influences could have had on hormone balances and thus on human behavior. The present book may provide a missing link in this ‘glitch’. 

Endocrine disrupting pesticides like atrazine were introduced in the late 1950s, and hundreds of ED chemicals such as DDT have been used proficiently since, such as phthalate plasticizers, flame-retardants, cosmetics etc. with accumulative, multi-generational effects. This was then topped off in the 2000s with the expansion of electromagnetic frequencies in wireless radiation in the microwave spectrum, which now turn out to have endocrine disrupting effects as well, by some unfortunate mishap.

Much great work has been done on the effects of endocrine disrupting chemicals and their detrimental influence on fertility as for instance in the new book ‘Countdown’ by Dr. S. Swan. See also ‘Spermageddon’ the title of a 2019 book by Niels Christian Geelmuyden. [xv] The title Hormonageddon is inspired by the former title. Little will be added from my part to the analysis and solving of the chemically induced fertility part of the problem. As for the causes of this hormonal downward spiral, Swan specializes on Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals, EDCs and does not include electromagnetic contributors. The present book will add a wealth of recent studies on the electromagnetic endocrine disrupting effects (particularly in male testosterone) of mobile phone- and Wi-fi radiation, and of course I will discuss the cerebral and behavioral ramifications of solar and geomagnetic activity. 

We will focus on the behavioral and social ramifications of low testosterone in men as well as estrogen disturbances in women, which proceed downwards hand in hand at the same rate as fertility. 

So, at the current trajectory, we are facing borderline infertility in 24 years from now on and will then slowly go extinct. In this book, the main objective is to find out why most people just don’t care and even celebrate (for the first time in history) their genetic extinction.

When you hear, for instance: ‘if we don’t stop greenhouse gases, then Earth will heat up 2 degrees in a hundred years! Think about the children!” Then you know, these people are either uninformed or haven’t thought things through, or they are full of it. For if we don’t fix the infertility abyss, then there will be no one around to care for rising sea levels or drowning polar bears. And as nature is going to fix itself, there would be no point worrying about anything in these final hours. And if we don’t fix the crisis of sex hormones, there will be no fixing the infertility crises, because there will be no one to even want to have children. 

But many of us will not go anywhere, and we have an unprecedented chance to create prosperity and peace for the remaining population, not least also because we are entering a deep solar minimum, which is almost certainly merging into a new Grand Solar Minimum. 

In the historic context, we see that the Greek and the Roman empires saw a similar decline of family values, plummeting birth rates, increasing oikophobia (hatred of the homeland), obviously without the thousands of endocrine disrupting chemicals of modern societies. However, the ancient Greeks and Romans elite suffered from lead poisoning [xvi], and lead is also an endocrine disrupting chemical, disturbing testosterone in men and estrogen in women (see p. 132). 

I will postulate that without these endocrine disrupting chemical and radiological influences to human biology, few people would still believe anything a politician or a (social) media mogul has to say. 

And I will further propose that it is the same hormonal disruptions, that further push people to react to the before said defensively, to jump up and say these ideologies and government actions are not totalitarian at all, and those who think so, should be censored and punished. 

Societies that are still concerned about the recent detrimental influences on their testosterone levels are prevailingly Middle Eastern/ Islamic nations (Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey etc.), industrialized, non- western countries, mostly Islamic or Persian. They have growing infertility problems, similar as in the West, but they are behind in the process of feminizing of men and masculinizing of women or the ‘coming apart’ of the nuclear family. “A steady and significant decline in the fertility rate has been observed in Qatar during the past fifty years.” [xvii] It appears that even though they are facing growing problems in reproductive health as well, the men and women in these regions still have enough gonadal hormones to care about the future of their families and societies (we don’t have exact recent data on testosterone levels for every nation, cultural and genetic differences certainly also play a significant role). 

Thus, much of the research on the relationship between testosterone and mobile/wireless radiation of the past few years is conducted in institutions in these Middle Eastern regions. If things continue the way they are going, the rest of humanity is going to owe the institutions in these countries a big favor.

The fact that behavioral consequences of Hormonageddon is affecting western societies more than non-western countries is also reflected in that women in poor countries – with lower health index – prefer men with manlier faces more so than women in wealthy countries (see also p. 31).

The nuclear family has always been the backbone of any society in history, even in totalitarian collectivist states, where the extended family was made obsolete.

Today’s societies are the first to give up on this most archaic social instinct of having children and investing large amounts of personal resources and energy in raising them.

It would have been every totalitarian collectivist state’s dream to dismantle the family completely, and to force women to hand over their anonymous babies, to be raised in state run nursing homes from infancy on. The abolishment of the family was proposed by Marx and Engels, [xviii] even by Plato. But no communist leader has seriously tried to implement it. 

The modern-day inclination to destroy the nuclear family from within, the loss of the instinct to reproduce is unprecedented and it strongly coincides with the biological endocrinal disruption in the population. 

A global conspiracy? Not necessarily. Kind of. It might as well be global stupidity. History has shown that well-informed bureaucrats and industrialists are also lazy and careless, much like the rest of us. They often managed to convince themselves to tolerate a certain degree of public health risks, if they believe it will serve the ‘greater good’ of society, even when they themselves are exposed to these hazards.

This phenomenon is demonstrated in countless environmental health scandals like asbestos, lead or arsenic pollution, where many of the small bureaucrats were affected just as the rest of us. 

More recently, low testosterone in men is also implicated in the virus crisis. 

“For men, low testosterone means a higher risk of severe COVlD-19.”[xix] And low zinc levels are associated with low testosterone in men and with severity of Covld infections, and electromagnetic fields can disrupt zinc metabolism.  Exposure to an electromagnetic field leads to a significant decrease in zinc levels in lung and liver tissues.” Further, Wi-Fi router radiation has caused lung tissue changes in rats.  [xx]

And now it turns out that the C vaccines contain nanoparticles that also affect the endocrine system and accelerate the progress of Hormonageddon at an unprecedented speed. 

The main premise of this book is this: none of the social and political problems of these decisive times in history can be solved without a regeneration of healthy hormone balances especially in gonadal (sex) hormones. No education or rational argument in social discourse will convince the masses of the destructiveness of current authoritarian/ collectivist political tendencies. Most who assign to current day extreme multiculturalism, anti-family sentiments and radical collectivist ideologies, are not just indoctrinated, but they are biologically inclined to it, they truly feel it in every cell of their body. Keep that in mind when you talk to them. 

At the end we discuss precautions that can be taken to prevent endocrine disrupting chemicals and radiation in your personal life – especially important for the next generation – in case you are interested in you or your children being involved in rebuilding civilization.

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