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Solar Behavior (2020): Book and Ebook

Solar Behavior: How Solar- and Geomagnetic Conditions shape human History, the current Self- destruction Attempt of the West and the new Golden Age 

Sacha P. Dobler 2020

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Grand Solar Minimum, the “bad-weather- periods” are times of peace, reason and socio- political developments in favor of human rights. Inversely, almost all wars and genocides take place in Grand Solar Maximum, which are associated with favorable and stable climate as well as population increase., This was demonstrated empirically in the previous book Solar History.

And there is more good news for humanity, even though in the summer of 2020, it is not apparent that deep solar minima are times of peace and rationality.

The present book will first explain how such changes in human behavior can be brought about by changes in solar and geomagnetic activity and their co-effects. 

We will piece together the mechanisms by which geomagnetic field fluctuations, cosmic ray particles and atmospheric electromagnetic fields interact with the human brain and hormonals cycles to produce – in a predictable way – the observed societal and behavioral outcomes, such as wars and psychoses in Grand Solar Maximum. 

This is neither astrology nor esoteric knowledge. We are dealing with measurable changes in consciousness and brain function, which lead to what can best be described as a process of actual ‘awakening’ as well as increase peacefulness and altruistic sociability in Grand Solar Minimum.

Further, we find that not only the course of human history and evolution is intrinsically linked to solar cycles, but the geographical differences in these energetic conditions helped to shape cultural diversity and different peoples across the globe. 

As the centers of civilizational development moved from the orient to East Asia and Europe, a radical ‘war on crime’ contributed to peacefulness, self-control and enforcement of human rights in the last millennium, this took place during an unusual cluster of several Grand Solar Minima, coinciding with the mediaeval Little Ice Age. 

As a side effect of altruistic sociability, this also fostered the rise of a ‘servile people’ – overly trusting in authorities – particularly in western and northern cultures – plus the rise of maladaptive individuals who are inclined to harm their group’s interests since about 150 years. 

In the midst of the 2020 Covid-19 government measures, we notice extreme lethargy of the general population in the West, which chimes in with the expected symptoms of current dwindling solar and geomagnetic activity. Political violence under the cover of race riots is committed by a radical minority of largely non-black middle-class individuals promoted and protected by collectivist far-left elites, consistent with self-destructive tendencies and mental illness in solar minima. The main impetus that makes this chaos possible in the first place is the passivity of the majority and political corruption. 

Find out how all of this is most likely to culminate – at this turning point of history – into a positive evolutionary leap, as solar and geomagnetic activity are declining, indicative of the early stages of the next Grand Solar Minimum.

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  1. I just bought a copy! After reading your piece on pestilence and climate change I am looking forward to reading this one!

    Any German books available, too?



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