The Sunday Essay: the sum of cultural, free speech, health & economic damage done by the Covid19 caper

John Ward  — the smog,  

Inhuman, unnatural behaviour. Mob obedience. The destruction of Citizen Healthcare. Sovereign fiscal insolvency. Unparalleled job losses.

Is anyone still seriously trying to tell me that all this was done with the best intentions to save us from being wiped out by a virus that kills 0.0064% of us?

Band together Thinking People: this is nonsense, and we all know it.

I have owned one property or another in France for over thirty years. No event has come close to the Coronavirus hype in its quite extraordinary ability to change Gallic culture.

There is an overwhelming sense of obedience being the only moral choice for a responsible citizen – the diametric opposite of the normal French attitude, which is to ridicule every politician, evade as much tax as possible, and break every speed limit as a matter of course.

One feels the change very keenly: the almost jingoistic tone of regulatory notices – ‘unifié contre le virus’ – the tut-tutting or stony silence if one says anything contrarian, and of course the fear in those eyes above the mask.

The habit of kissing on greeting and stopping for a gossip has disappeared. Even when it’s possible to show people with one chart that immunity is growing and deaths are falling sharply, they shrug and say, “I faut rester prudent” – we must remain on our guard.

Three months ago, the obligatory wearing of masks in the street was being hotly debated in the media, and largely opposed in Opeds. Today, large areas of Paris have adopted that ridiculous obligation without a murmur….despite the now massively quantified data proving that management drugs are highly effective at dealing with the infected, and 85% of the population has only the tiniest chance of dying from Covid19.

De Gaulle said, after his long term in office, that France could not be governed in the accepted libertarian sense of the term. In just four months, Emmanuel Macron has shown that the emerging French generations will applaud the idea of collaboration’s meaning being shifted from a potential insult into some kind of patriotic duty. 

There is a life-lesson I have relearned over the last five years: that friends from normal cirumstances are largely useless as comrades when malign forces have made them scared. Brexit and Covid19 did that. One has to seek out new colleagues capable, as Kipling put it, “of keeping your head when others are losing theirs”. The ultimate loneliness of Gary Cooper in High Noon is being played out in millions of relationships in the 21st century West.

That alone results in disastrous cultural change. It is hard to find a single EU State now – even a single Anglospheric State – that isn’t socially and politically split down the middle on nationalism, blocism, globalism, race, culture, creed, independence….and now, even health is emerging as (despite the surface robotic opinion-forming) yet another canyon of divide.

At its core, the divide is about telling the truth come what may, restoring the balance of our natural instincts in the context of society, and opposing both the mendacious censorship and puerile propaganda of the State’s information apertures.

A staggering percentage of Western citizens still quietly believe that, as it were, keeping quiet about injustice can somehow be in the common good. An almost equal percentage see opposition to issues like EU practices and Big Pharma’s malign influence on public health as evidence, variously, of igorance, stupidity, racism and the sort of mental derangement that leads “the gullible” to indulge in “silly conspiracy theories”.

The disbelief in censorship is, for me, the most incomprehensible given its blatant nature.

The above block chart illustrates the effect on my readership numbers over the last three weeks. The daily average (it began just out of shot to the left) that had been 8,000-9,000 has slumped to 3,000. That’s about the number of signed-up Slog followers I have. Comment levels have stayed roughly the same, but my inbox remains full of complaints that Slog Tweets on Twitter are no longer appearing on their timelines.

This a topline analysis from somebody ‘out there’ of how my site’s settings have changed for the worse during the period in question:

·         Pages indexed by Google are low

·         W3C Markup validation Issues not fixed

·         Meta Tags need  to be Optimized properly according to targeted pages

·         Errors in the coding part of your website

·         Robots.Txt File not present

The Slog’s tweets are now regularly blanked under the panel heading ‘potential sensitive content’.

Referrals from Google have halved.

The new site at was up just 36 hours before the second page-build disappeared behind ‘403 Entry Forbidden’.

Again, there is obvious massive libertarian damage in such corporate social media censorship; but what one detects now is the emergence yet again of cynical smuggies who smile and say, “Yeh, well – whaddya expect?” as if that somehow addressed the problem.

I strongly believe that cynicism is the new naivety.

Yesterday’s Slogpost showed how Big Pharma has compromised the ethics of public health’s infrastructure as well as the directions taken and conclusions reached by research bodies developing new drugs. Not only have they infected the NHS, for example, they are also steadily destroying this institution by (a) making a fat profit at the expense of taxpayer budgets and (b) evoking in it an obsession with Covid19 so obscenely out of proportion to the real nature of the threat, other vital duties the NHS has are being neglected…..with appalling consequences for British citizens.

I will furnish you with two ongoing examples.

My first witness has had enough exploitation from the British 21st century State as it is without being treated like dirt by the Health Service she has supported all her life. For she was – along with 3.85 million other women – a victim of the SPA ‘reform’ whereby three UK administrations in a row used the limp excuse of gender equality to delay State Pension commencement for 1950s born women.

Now she has some serious health issues. In her own words:

“Polyp in the sigmoid area just before exit….removed for biopsy.
Another interesting 1.5cm polyp hidden by a piece of adhesion on the outside of the bowel….When they snipped the adhesion on the inside part of the bowel it revealed this polyp.  They went all the way round to the exit from the small intestine into the large one and snipped out numerous samples of bowel wall which looked like “micro polyps”.  All gone for analysis….The fiasco during the procedure was that I suddenly went hot and sweaty, then my blood pressure dropped to an alarming level of 51/25 and they had to resuscitate me.  They have no idea why that happened….I was then sent home.  Feeling very dizzy and unwell which I put down to the effects of Fentanyl.

“I rang the surgery next morning.  Because of Covid19, this was to be a telephone appointment.  An unintelligible man of Asian origin rang at 5.30pm Friday evening completely disinterested and told me to monitor the situation and if no better after the weekend, to ring again.  He did not have my notes, had not seen the electronic report from the hospital the day before and did not know my case.  “What do I monitor it with then?”  He was busy so if I needed help I should ring 111.

“Saturday and Sunday I deteriorated.  As it happens I do have a BP monitor and pulse reader.  My BP was all over the place.  I felt very sleepy, nauseous, dizzy when standing up and pains in my chest.  So I rang again on Monday 8am having spent much of the weekend in a befuddled daze.  By day three, I suspected this was not just the Fentanyl….a second locum doctor managed to ring me by 4.30pm.  Told him the story and how I was feeling.  Said I had been monitoring my BP and pulse and that my pulse had not gone above 38 all day.  He told me I needed an ECG and to ring 999.

“I was put into a 4-Bay Ward on my own, and was told I had to wear a mask, even though I was on my own in bed, held down by multiple wires, sticky tabs and wires up to a machine which talked by Bluetooth to a control centre.  I coudn’t have a fan “because of Covid”.  After three days of torture in the heat, unable to wash out my only pair of undies because “damp clothes could spread Covid”, I discovered that I had had a heart attack in Bristol, but they had sent me home. I was now due a heart ultrasound, and more bloods were taken and I was to have a Heparin injection and a Cortisol stress test.

“I couldn’t stand another night of this sweltering torture, so checked with the cardiologists that I could go home instead of waiting until morning with only a breakfast of porridge or white elastic bread and synthetic jam to look forward to. I ordered a taxi and slipped into the wet night, to go home, where I delighted in a warm bath and a cool bed. They said I needed someone with me at all times because I live on my own – and in the next breath told me to self isolate for 7 days because I’ve been in two hospitals in one week.

“Next day, back in hospital again, this time in the cardiology unit as this bigeminy or trigeminy heart rate caused me to collapse at home last night.  Same paramedic who came on Monday night and same strange ECG readings. I must be one of the few unlucky individuals to go in for a tube up my bum and come out with a heart attack and a dodgy ticker.”

As for the tube up her bum, my witness still has no results from the biopsy, and no idea what all the other symptoms mean. What’s clear from this epic saga of cavalier observation without either diagnosis or prognosis, however, is that Covid target obsessions and regulations are massively in the way of curing an older lady with several disturbing pathogens. And that is a disgrace of unspeakable obscenity.

And so to my second witness. This is a chap I’ve known for many years: stoical, upstanding, successful in his own field and now – like all of us – beginning to suffer from failing powers. This is his personal testimony:

“I fell and broke my right hip in mid-June. Since then I’ve spent a week in hospital, nearly three in a care home and have been home since July 9th.

“My progress getting to walk normally again has been – to say the least – a bit of a struggle.

“Last November I was operated on for liver cancer .Since that time I complained about a painful right hip which got worse and worse until that evening 15 June when I fell and it broke. The surgeon saw me after the operation for a few minutes and said he thought the hip had failed due to bone cancer and that he was sending bits and his findings to the oncology dept. That was 16th June. 

“I should mention that until I started phoning my surgery last week, I had heard absolutely nothing from anyone in the “wonderful” NHS….Zilch. Surgery, hospital, specialists, none have spoken nor written. Yesterday I phoned again, and was called back by yet another doctor (sounds familiar?).There seems to be no doubt that the initial liver cancer has spawned another (or others?) and that radiology is the next thing. How long it will be before the shambles of a health service (cowering behind Covid19) that many pretend is any good, will it be before I am seen again – goodness knows.

“Sleeping is restricted to one side away from the now replaced hip. Moving around without some sort of support is not possible and I am not feeling any progress at all in that department (hence my calls to doctors).”

A week later, he adds:

“Tomorrow, after weeks of inactivity by our “world class NHS” and quite some pushing by this patient, I will be having complete body C T scan. Very immobile. Feel a wreck. More news when I have any.”

Now this is a bloke who has lost mobility, been assured that his cancer had gone, complained about hip pain – and then pestered a ridiculous amount of time before being told he had cancer in his hip as well. I have no news as yet (four days later). Covid19 is, in this case history too, clearly causing both chaos and potentially mortal delays.

Meanwhile, Governments around the world – including the UK – face a wave of lawsuits from foreign companies who complain that their profits have been hit by the pandemic. 

Bless. Do they include Sanofi, GSK, Astrazeneka and their fellow travellers, we ask ourselves?

If rich globalist companies wish to sue nation States rendered both fiscally and morally bankrupt by the pernicious actions of pharmaceutical giants and their infinite hordes of medical whores, might I make a small suggestion? Would it not be a good idea for those same nation States and hacked off globalists to join forces and sue the collective arses off Megadrug Combines?

After all, why sue the pauperised Sovereigns* when the prosperous sociopaths are there for the taking of rich pickings? Don’t chase the ambulance to the publicly-funded hospice, guys – follow the sedan chairs to places like Imperial Private Healthcare.

Never heard of IPH? Let me enlighten you: Imperial Private Healthcare is part of Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, one of the largest teaching hospital groups in the UK.

You know….the one where Leftwinger Neil Ferguson works.

You really could not make this shit up.

*I use the term pauperised Sovereigns there without any sense of hyperbole. Here’s an extract from a new Ambrose Evans-Pritchard piece – in my view, AEP is still the most erudite media fiscal economist in Europe:

‘The accumulated loss in GDP has been 22% from peak to trough for the UK’

He’s right. From April and June alone, UK GDP collapsed by 20.4% – the worst three-month fall ever recorded according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), as almost every industry was crushed by the response to the pandemic.

There is no way a post-EU economy like ours could ever afford to chuck away a fifth of our net trading volume during what is (if you strip out the bonkers QE element) a global slump likely to exceed that of 1929. 

That’s simple maths of the kind I have been promoting since this farcical Contrick19 hoodwink got under way. 

If this post doesn’t convince you of a destructive, anti-social, illiberal and amoral global game in play, then I’m at a loss to know what will.

A massive banking, bourse, currency and corporatocracy reset is imminent.

You have been warned.

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