The purpose of my website is to raise awareness to Earth changes in the past, present and future. My E-book Black Death and Abrupt Earth Changes in the 14th Century, is the central piece of my work. In order to understand most of the material on this site, I recommend reading it, or at least the conclusions at the end. (the free pdf is on the top right of my home page). The text illustrates how, from 1290 onwards, the population was drastically reduced even before the plague, in accordance with extreme climate change, natural disasters, floods, meteor showers and crop failure.

The text is part of a book with the title The Renewal of Earth, which I’m currently working on, it  will show that the Black Death episode was only one of many such events. The current Earth changes, political and social events posted on my blog, might serve as indicators for current and possible future renewal processes. In some  of the news articles I refer to a particular chapter of Black Death and Abrupt Earth Changes in the 14th Century for comparison.

Gradual climate change has always taken place, global warming stopped in 2002. Episodes of Climate change have always happened and at some point in the future, Earth changes will again accelerate drastically  (most likely in the direction of further cooling and increased earratic precipitation), the human contribution to climate change is negligible.

Sacha Dobler, Switzerland.

Sacha Dobler

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