The purpose of my website is to raise awareness to cosmically induced Earth changes and climate disruption in the past, present and future. For an example of one of the most drastic ‘renewal’ events, I recommend by E-book Black Death and Abrupt Earth Changes in the 14th Century. (the free pdf is at the top right on my home page). The text illustrates how, from 1290 onwards, the population was drastically reduced even before the plague, in accordance with extreme climate change, earthquakes and volcanoes, floods, declining solar activity, a rise in CO2, meteor showers and crop failure. This was one of the two most catastrophic events in the past two millennia, (second to the climate disruption beginning in the 540s, coinciding with the Justinian Plague).

The most pressing foreseeable events are related to the pending next Grand Solar Minimum and the ongoing decline in the geomagnetic field (see Introduction: The next Grand Solar Minimum, Cosmic Rays and Earth Changes).

In my new book Solar History, I document how such periods of decline in solar activity – in addition to crop failure and population reduction –  are also historically correlated to long-term positive social developments, re- emergence of reason, peace and improvements in human rights. Thus, also as far as the next Grand Solar Minimum is concerned, the long term prospects for humanity are positive.

Gradual climate change has always taken place, global warming stopped around 2000. Episodes of extreme climate change have always taken place and at some point in the future, Earth changes will again accelerate drastically (most likely in the direction of long term cooling and increased erratic precipitation), the human contribution to climate change is negligible.

Sacha Dobler, Switzerland.

Sacha Dobler

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