There is a positive side to solar-induced climate disruption.

The purpose of my website is to increase the understanding of natural Earth changes and events of climate disruption in the past, present and future, including their implications for human life and history. The social and political developments I discuss on my blog are largely consistent with the social mood we can expect with the current solar and geomagnetic developments (as explained in my book Solar History).

The upcoming Grand Solar Minimum in combination with the ongoing decline of the geomagnetic field is the most pressing foreseeable Earth changes event (see Introduction to The next Grand Solar Minimum, Cosmic Rays and Earth Changes).

My book Solar History proves that such periods of decline in solar activity – in addition to crop failure and population reduction –  are also historically correlated to long-term positive social developments, re- emergence of peace, reason and improvements in human rights. Thus, also as far as the next Grand Solar Minimum is concerned, the long term prospects for humanity are positive. Counterintuitively, almost all deaths from wars and genocide occurred in Grand Solar Maximum, the times of favourable climate.

If the trends in solar activity continue, the beginning of this Grand Minimum will turn out to be between now and the end of solar cycle 25 (around 2031). However, a Grand Solar Minimum can only be officially declared to have started after several very low cycles) thus it is more accurate to say this Modern Grand Maximum will most likely be retroactively declared to have started in 2019).

Gradual climate change has always taken place, and occasionally episodes of extreme, natural climate change took place. Global warming stopped around 2000, the human contribution to climate change is negligible.

For an example of one of the most drastic ‘renewal’ events, I recommend by E-book Black Death and Abrupt Earth Changes in the 14th Century. 

Sacha Dobler, Switzerland