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Coronavirus policies and human Behavior in Solar Minimum

Ap index peace 1850 -2020

Figure 1: Ap index 1850 -2020 ; Geomagnetic activity and in particular geomagnetic storms are more prevalent in Grand Solar Maxima. They are strongly correlated with aggressive behaviour (more so than sunspot activity) and, to a limited degree, with suicides. Records of sunspot numbers (grey dotted line) reach back to 1610, while geomagnetic activity records black line) are available only from the 1840s onward. We see geomagnetic activity has dropped off precipitously to levels before the war-stricken 20th century, or roughly the Modern Grand Maximum.

To say it up front, I did not predict a global pandemic for 2020. In Solar History (2018), I did, however, warn of the danger of low excitability and the lack of determination at the trough of the solar cycle 24 around 2020, in this transition phase into the Grand Solar Minimum, thus it pertains rather to the societal reactions to the pandemic measures. As we have established, in the multi- decadal trend, Grand Solar Minima are dominated not only by increased peacefulness and by a decrease in conflict and violence, but also by an increase in rationality and self-determination. Granted, for the time being, in the middle of the Corona panic, rationality has become a rare commodity, more so than toilet paper.

The paragraph below is from Chapter 23 of Solar History and  is titled: “Apathy and indifference in 2018-2021”.

To be clear, the paragraph focused on the self-destructive tendencies in regards to the continuation of the migration policies in the West, but the reaction of the population to the Coronavirus government measures fit the behavioral patterns eerily well. Almost everyone obeys the draconian emergency rulings, which are now in most European countries more restrictive than any martial law during WWII. As of April 1st, 2020, COVID- 19 has still killed much less people than the seasonal flu, but people are readily and happily throwing away their jobs, savings, freedoms and the entire world economy and they are proud of themselves for being a good follower, while democratic elections are being canceled.

The data show “overall normal expected mortality levels in the participating countries; however, increased excess mortality is notable in Italy.”

Of course, Italy was the first European country to lock up their citizens and halt the economy, but cases kept increasing, dispelling the mono-causal nature of the disease.

Everyone is handing over their livelihood and their future to governments and the Big Banks, and then they clap on commend from the freedom of their balconies. No one dare ask why not all cops, supermarket workers, doctors and nurses are sick.

The pandemic could indeed get worse at some point, just as the global elites keep predicting, but for now it should be clear that if people don’t get a grip on reality and turn this ship around, then the government actions to “prevent the spread of the virus” will kill much more people than the virus has so far.

This is the greatest chance for humanity to start the coming Grand Solar Minimum with the least possible damage and it is the most important moment in history since at least 1400 years.

Independently from how long people will put up with the emergency measures, one thing is clear: the world will never be the same again, your life has just changed forever, whether you like it or not. Further, multiculturalism, open borders and globalism will have to be rethought, the culture of mindless, narcissistic consumption is over.

Whatever the biological basis of the pandemic is or isn’t,  it just happened to be turned into everything the globalist elites have been threatening for decades: one world government, consolidation of wealth by a tiny minority, global police state. And it covers up the symptoms of a Grand Solar Minimum. Crop failures and food shortages are more prevalent in Grand Solar Minima, now they are blamed on Covod- 19. Now “experts” even say the globe is cooling due to the corona shut down.  Everything they couldn’t achieve with Climate Change policies, including the American socialist the Green New Deal, was just implemented.

As far as mass migration is concerned: not surprisingly, activists are still ready to break the curfew, but only to protest for open borders, mind you, not for themselves, they applaud being locked in their homes, but want more unchecked migration into their crumbling countries, including from Corona-stricken Iran.


It appears to be unpreventable that the beginning of a New Age of Reason is paved with some degree of self- destruction and a few Darwin Awards.

Here is the excerpt from Chapter 23:

“The minimum of this cycle (cycle 24) is expected in 2020, which is also the end of the cycle, but the sun had already reached the said minimum levels in early 2018. And the next Schwabe maximum is expected in 2024-2025, this will bring a greater probability of increased social excitability, uprisings and violence, although it is projected to be an even weaker maximum than the last.”

Apathy and indifference in 2018- 2021

“Some of the general descriptions of the first period, given by Tchijevsky for Schwabe cycles, show strong similarities to the social mood and lethargy of the populations (of the Western World) in 2018, the unexpected early low of solar cycle 24.

In the current social landscape (2018), political leaders find it hard to motivate the population for anything other than complaining about the “others”. The masses are easily manipulated to have a strong opinion particularly against expression of freedom, self-responsibility, against freedom of speech and so on. People can more easily be engaged when appeals are made to their empathy and altruism, rather than to reason and rationality. But overall, even for the followers of mainstream leftist ideologies, activities largely remain at the level of complaining and hoping that governments will do something against “hate-speech”, perceived intolerance, xenophobia and climate change. The vast majority of the political establishment and the media complex are adamant to denounce everyone slightly to the right of Lenin as a “Nazi”. One should think that those who believe that suddenly Nazis are springing up everywhere should protest against them constantly, but they are not. In Germany, Merkel’s Christian Democrat Party (CDU) denounces the libertarian /conservative AfD as ‘far right’ and demands them to be investigated by the Federal Intelligence Service. Almost no one seems to remember that AfD has in 2018 the same programs and positions as Merkel’s CDU used to hold just 15 years ago. So, who thinks AfD is far-right and voted CDU 15 years ago, used to be far-right at that time, just before Merkel took over, when the party was conservative. In some German regions, AfD is already over 20%, as long as all other party leaders keep slandering AfD voters as ‘far- right’, it will encourage more to vote for AfD. The serious danger here is that at some point, AfD or similar fractions might turn to actual far-right positions instead of perceived ones (see below).

Probably 30% of the population of the US- and 80 % of Europeans are convinced that Trump is a far-right (potential) dictator. But most of them seem to have no motivation to become politically active. For now, the violence against conservatives and even non- partisan middle ground citizens usually comes from a minority of agitators, such as self-declared members of Antifa or Black Lives Matter, well organized groups with many radicals among them, supported and financed by left-wing elitist interests like George Soros [i] (600 violent assaults were made on Trump supporters in two years). Normal people who were considered politically in the middle only a few years ago, if they maintained their position, are now called far- right by the mainstream media and political establishment. Although tensions are rising on different internal fronts, political violence is relatively calm for the time being. Regarding Schwabe cycles, here is again how Tchijevsky characterized the

First Period (Period of the minimum of excitability in the Schwabe cycles):

“The characteristics of this period are:

-Lack of unity in human masses.

-Indifference of the masses to political and military questions.

-Peacefulness of the masses.

-Tolerance and forbearance of the masses.

-The results of these characteristics are:

-Lack of any desire to struggle for the right or idea, easy capitulation, desertion, etc.”

“In the extreme points of the cycle’s course [Schwabe minima], the tension of the all human military-political activity falls to the minimum, giving way to creative activity, and is accompanied by a general decrease of military or political enthusiasm, by peace and peaceful creative work in the sphere of state organizations, international relations, science and art, with a pronounced tendency toward absolutism in the governing powers and a disintegration of the masses. […] Historical facts illustrating this period, are peace treaties, capitulations, occupations, decrease of parlimentarianism, strength of autocracies, and the ruling of minorities.” [ii]

Peacefulness is of course overall positive, but in accordance with a lack of self-preservation and neglect for the rule of law, it will lead to more conflict and self-destruction in the long term. When have we heard politicians and opinion leaders talk about tolerance? Where have we seen political procedures being dominated by tolerance, acceptance and empathy as the highest or even only values recently?

Here seems to lie one of the greatest challenges in the transition phases of grand solar cycles, especially the abrupt beginning of grand minima.

Low aggression, general peacefulness and cooperation are prerequisite for democracy and the development of humane societies. This alone is one of the enigmas of human evolution. In nature, the rules of natural selection predict the best survival of groups and individuals with the highest aggression, who reserve cooperation and empathy for their group only. Humans appear to be the only species who have broken this cycle, allowing groups with the highest altruistic sociability to thrive and form civilizations and the rule of law.

But an overemphasis of these traits without a strong sense of self-preservation has usually led to the fall of such open and free societies. To preserve civilization requires a minimal level of defensive aggressiveness. No group without a strong in-group preference has survived to tell their story or left any traces. “


Former NYTimes science chief editor Nicolas Wade elaborated:” living in a society is very complex, you need to be kind and open to the fellow members of your community, but you need to be prepared to be very aggressive to members outside your community, particularly in our times as hunters and gatherers, when these little tribes were fighting with each other almost every day in many circumstances. [1]

We must make everyone aware of the economic consequences of the global lock-down (the death toll from economic destruction and food shortages will be many times as great as the one from the corona disease. We need to isolate voluntarily the sick and elderly, reverse the government measures and prosecute the politicians responsible for them.


[1] Nicolas Wade Genetics, Race and Human Evolution on Freedomainradio with Stephan Molineux Youtube video. min 14:10

[i] Daily Caller; Look Who Funds The Group Behind The Call To Arms At Milo’s Berkeley Event; Chuck Ross; 02/03/2017; https://dailycaller.com/2017/02/03/look-who-funds-the-group-behind-the-call-to-arms-at-milos-berkeley-event/

[ii] Tchijevsky A. L. 1926: Physical Factors of the Historical Process, Translated by Vladimir P. de Smitt, Cycles, 1971: 22 pp.11-27. p. 16.

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  1. Make everyone aware of the economic consequences of the global lock-down (the death toll from economic destruction and food shortages will be many times as great as the one from the corona disease. We need to isolate voluntarily the sick and elderly, reverse the government measures and prosecute the politicians responsible for them.

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