In the service of the globalist elites: The “climate change” activists are the Pro migration activists.



extinction-rebellion-berlin- alledged Human trafficker Rackete

Again, if the lower rank ‘climate activists’ want radical de-industrialisation, more CO2 taxes and more migration, they could just sit back and wait. CO2 taxes are de facto migration taxes.

What they are protesting for, is exactly what almost all powerful international politicians and opinion leaders are trying to ram through at all costs. Climate Change protests are against the people and in favour of the international elites. 

On Monday, Oct 7, the end-of -the -world sect ‘Extinction Rebellion’ illegally blocked traffic in large parts of Berlin and caused chaos. One of the speakers was Carola Rackete, alleged human trafficker in the service of the German left-green and fake- conservative Merkel establishment. 

Rackete demanded the government should officially declare a ‘climate emergency’. She hoped that thousands will stay to shut down Berlin traffic all week long.

Another Speaker, Luisa Neubauer, the ‘German Greta’ demanded a “never- seen mass mobilisation”. Germans should be wary of  what can happen when German ‘Youth Leaders’, backed by power- elites, call for “ a never -seen mass mobilisation”.

In May, Neubauer had “united with Macron” to fight climate change. Further, she demands Germany to abandon coal energy until 2030  (which translates into ending civilisation till 2030). Meanwhile Macron is still cracking down on the Yellow Vest protesters who are opposed to more gas taxes.

Also, Neubauer claims that many of the 2 million migrants who entered Germany in the last 4 years were fleeing from their” livelihood being taken away” by climate change, meaning man-made climate change, of course. 

More details on the concept of climate refugees, see: climate change explained. 

Co- chairman of the Left Party Bernd Riexinger complements the Extinction Rebellion tactics: “ forms of civil disobedience are necessary, to reinforce the protests.”

Meanwhile in England ,DEMONSTRATORS of Extinction Rebellion vandalised a 200-year-old British landmark, the White Horse monument. Last week unknown ‘activists’ vandalised 67 cars in Herne Germany.

Have you ever wandered why protesters who cause major civil disturbance always get out of jail within hours? But only if the protest is for climate change action, for more migration and for globalist politics. Remember the Hamburg G20 protests with hundreds of injured cops and millions of Euro damage? Imagine they had been right wing protesters…

The Founder of Extinction Rebellion Roger Hallam threatened: We’ll bring down governments, “some may die in the process.” This used to be called terroristic threat.

Greta Thunberg and Parents Antifa

Greta Thunberg and Parents Antifa

The failed entertainment stars Svante and Malena Thunberg are still pushing her poor Asperger’s daughter onto stages and UN podiums. They have not commented on migration and the unprecedented rise in crime in Sweden over the last few years. Apparently, the washed-up actor parents do not care that her daughter suddenly found herself growing up in the rape capital of Europe with hundreds of No-go- areas. In Sweden, rape has at least tippled in 4 years.

Carola Rackete, the before- mentioned German alleged human trafficker captain, supported by George Soros affiliates, tried to bring illegal migrants to Italy, refused to bring them to Spain, who had offered asylum to the migrants, then she forced her ship illegally into an Italian harper ramming a police boat. She had de facto taken migrants hostage for political demands.

Merkel encourages the school strikes for climate and enforces all demands by the students. She and her EU and UN buddies have announced for years, they will tax gas, tax meat, tax electricity, tax housing, the Green Party demands to ban all combustion engine cars by 2025, just as it is planned in France and Great Britton by the year 2040. Since there is no power or lithium for electric cars, that means they simply plan of taking everyone’s cars and restrict food and housing.

The delusional parents of these students do not tell their children that politicians have never listened to public protests and especially not to children. 

Already in 2016, Germany’s finance minister had already proposed a petrol tax to fund refugees. Since alternative energies have not produced net energy and non of these politicians has proposed how these tax revenues will be turned into energy, it is now clear that:

CO2 taxes are de facto migration taxes.

Migration expenses and increasing state bureaucracy/ corruption are the only spending increases that could require a tax hike. The infrastructure and public services are neglected.

It almost seems as if the far-left is desperately trying the same tactics as in the rest of party politics: send in rediculous, crazy extremists like Occasio- Cortes to make the rest of the far-left moderate. When she says”the World is going to end in 12 years”, Joe Biden or Pocahontas sound almost reasonable, although they have the same goals. When a Climate professors says “Eat Humans to stop climate change”, then just taxing everything sounds almost moderate.

The same concept applies for almost any social develpement in these defining years of human history: “Activists” do the bidding of the globalist elites and many believe they are being rebellious or are protesting the establishment. Besides Anthropogenic Climate Change and mass migration, we are seeing this very mind game in:

– obstancing from having children, -abortion, -veganism, -promiscuity, -the sexualising of children in education and entertainment.



ExtinctionRebellion: Some may die in the process".

ExtinctionRebellion: Some may die in the process”.

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  1. The ”Illuminati” or whatever name they hide behind now, have a long term intention for total world rule, BUT, with a population of only 500 million.
    So how will they reduce the population to that figure?
    ”They” wont, but the climate will.
    ”They” take a very long term view, something ”here today, gone tomorrow,” politicians are incapable of.
    This inter glacial age is due to end, soon, and when it does, the major food growing ares wont, they will become too cold, for the plants to germinate, or reach fruition to harvest.
    In that event, billions will starve, and so reduce the population, with no danger to ”them” because ”they” have access to bunkers stocked with food, and the armed forces to protect it, and them.
    Why the recent fomented ”unrest” (wars) in the Middle East?
    Well, as the climate cools the Middle East will become the new temperate region, and consequently the new food basket.
    In this situation the weakened governments of the Middle East will be incapable of resisting invasion and take over of the forces of ”The New World Order.” so that they can control the new food production areas.
    Thats my conclusions for what I see, and Carbon Tax is just a part of the whole, designed to destroy current nations.

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