Sex Crimes in Sweden triple in 4 Years

Sweden crime 58% of Rapists are foreign born image:

Sweden crime 58% of Rapists are foreign born image:

Sexual attacks in Sweden tripled between 2014 and 2018, according to reports.

However, Swedish media is touting a slight decrease from 2017 to 2018 as a positive achievement, while effectively ignoring the recent massive spike.

“On Tuesday, several media trumpeted the decline in sex crimes in Sweden. This is based on Brå’s report ‘National Security Survey’ on self-reported crime,” Fria Tider reports. “For 2018, 6.0 percent of the population report being subjected to sexual offenses, against 6.4 percent in 2017.”

“But if you look further back, you see that the sexual crimes have multiplied in a few years.”

Additionally, the new report indicates that virtually all types of crime are increasing, with 26.4 percent of the population saying they had been exposed to a crime in 2018.

In 2014, the sexual assault rate sat at 2 percent, a fact which journalist Joakim Lamotte pointed out, blasting local media for spinning the story.

“All crimes except sexual crimes are thus increasing substantially according to this report,” Lamotte wrote on social media. “As far as sexual crimes are concerned, we have seen an avalanche increase since 2014 and it would be absurd if that figure continued to rise in perpetuity.”

“Now, the proportion exposed to sexual crimes is 6 percent. In 2014, the figure was 2 percent. In four years, the sex crimes in Sweden have increased threefold, which is a disaster. Now we see that other crimes increase to the same extent.”

Another new survey of Swedes revealed that one in four women are afraid to leave their homes for fear of being attacked or sexually assaulted.

“15.3 percent of people aged 16 or older stated that they did not want to go out in the evening out of concern about being assaulted or threatened. Among women, the proportion was almost 25 percent,” reported Statistics Sweden.

According to figures released last year, 58 percent of convicted rapists in Sweden were born outside of Europe.


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