Climate Change Explained

By Sacha Dobler, 2017 ( Deutsche Version hier)

Updated Global Temperature: No global warming for 17 years, 6 months – (No Warming for 210 Months) By Lord Christopher Monckton

Updated Global Temperature: No global warming for 17 years, 6 months – (No Warming for 210 Months)
By Lord Christopher Monckton

Do you ever get confused over the climate change debate? So, who is right, after all? There are many different ways to be misled about the current climate change agenda. Here is a short summary of the most prominent narratives:


1. The official narrative, the alleged scientific consensus: Climate change is taking place and is caused by anthropogenic, (man made) greenhouse gasses. Even though politicians rarely use the term ‚global warming‘ any more, climate change (as a cause of global warming) is becoming more erratic and devastating, leading even to geological and tectonic upheaval, and it is either entirely or almost entirely caused by man-made green house gases. Therefore we need to reduce these gasses in order to avoid a global catastrophe. This is demonstrably false.

2. The opposition: The problem of climate change is either exaggerated or made up entirely for political and economic reasons, for instance to collect carbon taxes and to control the population. The rate of climate change (including other Earth changes) we see today is normal. This is also demonstrably false. Representatives of this group are featured, for instance, in the documentary: “The Great Global Warming Swindle”, 2007. Governments and establishment scientist call the proponents of this theory „climate change deniers“.

3. Conspiracy theories: Climate change is not caused by greenhouse gasses. Increasing climate chaos and environmental catastrophes that are taking place are caused by secret government programs such as HAARP, CERN or Geo-engineering. This theory is not even falsifiable. (However, it is true that governments and other interest groups are involved in  such reckless whether manipulation experimentation, and they have announced that they will start geo-engineering projects to stop climate change any time soon.

The truth is:

The climate is always changing gradually, and then at times extreme climate change events and global environmental disasters have always taken place every couple hundred years or so. Large population reducing events and the corresponding collapse of civilizations along with astronomical perturbations, changes in solar activity, have taken place every couple thousand years and one day they will proceed again. In past decades, Earth changes have indeed increased with corresponding changes in the solar system. If the trends of decreased solar activity continue, we will be facing another extreme adaptation process some day, most likely in association with global cooling and extreme precipitation events. Human green house gas emissions are negligible. However, what is true is that our practice of fossil fuel and nuclear energy consumption is causing irreparable damage to the environment and the biosphere. Real environmental protection is of existential importance. The believe that the current Earth changes are mostly manmade and the focusing on combatting carbon emissions will have a counterproductive effect. Abrupt climate and geological changes will not be stopped by humans, but rather the believe in this is likely to hinder us from preparing for future Earth changes and from adapting to an altering environment.

In short: climate change is real, anthropogenic climate change is a lie, climate change and other Earth changes will again accelerate drastically one day. Keep all of this in mind when dealing with trumps decision to abandon the Paris Climate Accord, and Al Gore’s new heart string propaganda the Inconvenient Sequel in which he says „storms hit stronger and more destructive! Watch the water just splash over the city.(…) This is global warming!“


For a basic exposure of scientific fraud involved, see Tim Ball – „The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science“.

Let me elaborate: If you feel compelled to choose between one of these lines of believe, you are possibly in for a rude awakening. For an example of an episode of extreme Earth changes including climate change and population reduction, I recommend my E-book Black Death and Abrupt Earth Changes in the 14th Century. (free pdf on my site)

In short, between 50% and 72 % of the European population died within 35 years, beginning well before the Black Death pandemic in 1348, alongside with floods, crop failure, earth quakes, meteor precipitation, drought, a great solar minimum and an increase in sea storminess that continues till today. And that was only one of many such global episodes of Earth changes. You will see that Earth and its inhabitants have been drastically reorganized many times in the past.

AGU Fall Meeting 2014: Jim White: abrupt climate change

AGU Fall Meeting 2014: Jim White: abrupt climate change

At about 10,600 BC, Earth underwent a warming episode which involved global warming at a rate that was „100 times faster than the current warming.“   Abrupt Climate Change explained by Jim White, 12 Minutes excerpt (@AGU 2014).


In the documentary Climate Refugees (2010) David Atkinson, of the Arctic Research Center, said:“ whether or not people are causing it or whether it’s just a natural change of climatic state, it’s still in our faces and it’s affecting an awful lot of people right now.“ The film is based on the presumption number 1(current climate change is man made) and predicts over 50 million climate refugees in 2011. At the same time, Paul Ehrlich author of „the population bomb“, stated that „we had lots of civilizations collapse in the past from environmental causes“. No reason is given on how anyone would know that this time it is solely our fault.

Members of all 3 groups of believe systems are highly resistant not only to such

Mars North Polar Cap 1997

Mars North Polar Cap 1997 Image:

historical and prehistorical comparisons, but also to the fact that all planets in the solar system have been undergoing great changes since the 1990s as for instance rapid warming on planet Mars and complete ice cap melting in 1997 on that planet.  (see also Planetophysical State of the Earth)



Alternative energies 

Many who adhere to narrative number one are also convinced that alternative energies would fix the problem or at least mitigate the effects. Unfortunately, they don’t know that wind and solar have as of yet not produced any net energy. The investment costs are astronomical. Efficacy and output numbers are highly flawed and based on hypothetical values. Interestingly, it’s also the people of the first narrative who often claim that „climate denial“ is a rich mens conspiracy to make money. Oil – and nuclear- corporations and their lobbyists deny climate change just to sell oil, coal- and nuclear-power. What they overlook is the fact that solar and wind power have been monopolized by the same old energy titans and their buddies. Since non of the alternative technologies that are used today are cost effective or remotely capable to become a real alternative, these energy corporations are cashing in astronomical government subsidizes to build wind generator plants that never produced any net energy and then break down after 20 years. Only with tax payer money, these greedy energy companies can afford to keep investing billions in such failures, since it’s your tax money after all. Real alternatives for the energy problem (Cold fusion reactor, etc), may be in development, but if so, nothing is publicly available to show for their realizability . If they had to compete in the free market, they had long gone bankrupt. In addition, more greedy evil capitalists are trading CO2 contingents on the international stock markets. Agricultural land is forcefully depopulated and converted into „carbon sinks“ or nature „protection areas“.

Populations in third world countries are forced to produce bio fuel instead of food, which leads to the starvation of hundreds of millions, as early as in 2008, British Government’s Chief Scientific Adviser warned that „The rush towards biofuels is threatening world food production and the lives of billions of people. Professor John Beddington put himself at odds with ministers who have committed Britain to large increases in the use of biofuels over the coming decades. In his first important public speech since he was appointed, he described the potential impacts of food shortages as the “elephant in the room” and a problem which rivalled that of climate change.

Photovoltaic production is an environmental nightmare of toxic minerals and nanoparticles. Wars are fought over resources such as lithium for batteries (e.g. Afghanistan happens to have large lithium reserves). Even if we use the theoretical (false) values of efficacy for wind and solar, which have not worked in reality, it turns out that to produce the world electricity needs, we would have to install 3,8 million wind turbines (according to Lester Brown, 1,5 million for 40 % of the world electricity.) Add to this a magical energy storage system, batteries the size of mountains? The production and distribution of photovoltaic systems requires an un-proportional amount of oil and nuclear power. Is there a rational reason to believe in solar mining machinery, wind powered cargo ships?

Germany bans nuclear power in 2022, Belgium and France will follow in 2025. Switzerland’s people recently voted in favor of shutting down all nuclear power plants until 2050. At the same time, the Green Party demands to ban all combustion engine cars by 2025, just as it is planned in France and Great Britton by the year 2040. No one has proposed any idea with what kind of magical alternative energy the new cars will be powered. Presumably, there will be no more cars for non-billionaires.

The history of the climate change agenda: From Global cooling to Global Warming to climate change to climate chaos.

Real efforts for environmental protection were hijacked for the anthropogenic climate change agenda. Remember when environmentalists were actually concerned about not poisoning the oceans, air and soil?

In the mid 1970s, a pending ice age, caused by human air pollution was seen as the greatest climate threat for the planet. In the 1980s, the narrative was flipped and the story of anthropogenic global warming begins. In the late 1970s, the US academy of science released a report which claimed tax money will be necessary to combat global cooling.

In the Hamburger Abendblatt of 3. 21.1970, climatologist Profess R. A. Bryson of  the Wisconsin University predicted that due to jet air plain traffic, a broad band of sky over the Atlantic between America and Europe will be covered with a layer of cirrus-clouds. An increase of only 5 percent of cloud coverage would lower the temperature by 4 degrees celsius. (Hamburger Abendblatt, 21.3.1970)

The Frankfurter Allgemeine of Feb 15th 1977 said: „American journalists describe the cold spell in the East of the country as a „precursor to the next ice Age“. Frost at minus 50° C and snow up to 6 meters convert many parts of the US into a polar landscape. Under these preconditions, a climate study conducted by the US intelligence service CIA reveals its greatest importance. (….) also the American Chemist and Nobel prize laureate Linus Pauling fears that climate change (meaning cooling), could „end up in a global catastrophe and the hardest test for civilization ever“. (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 25.2.1977)

Years before the idea of anthropogenic global warming had emerged, the Club of Rome published their report Limits of Growth (1972). The same club of rome also stated in the first global Revolution (1991):

„The common enemy of humanity is Man In searching for a common enemy against whom we can unite, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like, would fit the bill.

In their totality and their interactions these phenomena do constitute a common threat which must be confronted by everyone together. But in designating these dangers as the enemy, we fall into the trap, which we have already warned readers about, namely mistaking symptoms for causes.

All these dangers are caused by human intervention In natural processes. and it is only through changed attitudes and behaviour that they can be overcome. The real enemy then is humanity itself.“

Alexander King Co-Founder of the Club of Rome, (premier environmental think-tank and consultants to the United Nations) from his 1991 book The First Global Revolution Club of Rome.

This was the era when Peak Oil predictions generally pointed to the year 2000 as the year when all oil reserves were to be depleted. Production IS indeed declining but that is not the same as availability. Daniel Bodansky wrote:

„The development of the climate change regime in the late 1980’s and early 1990s rode a wave of environmental activity, which began in 1987 with the discovery of the stratospheric „ozone hole“ and the publication of the Brundtland Commission report, Our Common Future (World Commission on Environment and Development, 1987), and crested at the 1992 United Nations Conference on environment and Development (UNCED) in Rio de Janeiro. An earlier wave of international environmental activity, culminating in the 1972 Stockholm Conference and the establishment several years later of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), had tended to focus on local, acute, and relatively reversible forms of pollution – for example, oil spills and dumping of hazardous wastes at sea – by regulating  particular pollutants. The more recent cycle of environmental activity has concerned longer-term, irreversible, global threats, such as depletion of the stratospheric ozone layer, loss of biological diversity, and greenhouse warming (Clark 1989, 47) and has focussed not merely on environmental protection per se, but on the more general economic and social policies needed to achieve  sustainable development.„ (international relations and global climate change Verfasser/in: Urs Luterbacher Herausgeber: Cambridge, Mass. [u.a.] : MIT Press, 2001.)

The well respected climatologist Dr. Stephen Schneider of Standford University, famously said this in a Discover Magazine interview in 1988. Here is the full quote:

“On the one hand, as scientists we are ethically bound to the scientific method, in effect promising to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but – which means that we must include all doubts, the caveats, the ifs, ands and buts. On the other hand, we are not just scientists but human beings as well. And like most people we’d like to see the world a better place, which in this context translates into our working to reduce the risk of potentially disastrous climate change. To do that we need to get some broad based support, to capture the public’s imagination. That, of course, means getting loads of media coverage. So we have to offer up scary scenarios, make simplified, dramatic statements, and make little mention of any doubts we might have. This “double ethical bind” we frequently find ourselves in cannot be solved by any formula. Each of us has to decide what the right balance is between being effective and being honest. I hope that means being both.”

By 2017, political leaders rarely refer to global warming any more, they mostly speak of climate change, all discussions have been derailed from scientific realities and arguments are formed on an emotional basis. Whoever questions the doctrine of anthropogenic climate change, must be someone who wants the planet to die! And sure enough, there are many people in western nations that are actual climate change deniers, but for such simple reasons as being too lazy to change their lifestyle.

By the year 2001, the oil had obviously not run out, but global warming began to reverse. Politicians were already reluctant to talk of  green house effect of CO2, which was proven to have only a marginal effect on climate.  Water vapor is 100x more abundant in the atmosphere and has a 10x greater energy absorption coefficient, and is therefore a 1000x more effective greenhouse gas than CO2.

The release of the film „the Inconvenient Truth“ gained much support, even though in the week before Al Gore received his inappropriate Peace Prize, a UK court found his documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” guilty of political bias and containing nine significant science errors.

Since then, all types of climate change and even tectonic anomalies are loosely attributed to manmade climate change. For instance it is now clear that polar ice melting has reversed, ice sheets are building up, overall global sea levels are not rising. In those places in the world where sea levels are actually rising sporadically and locally, it is simply called climate change, the population is encouraged to fill in the blanks, based on the implication that when the politicians say climate change they mean air warming and ice melting, leading also to ground water fluctuations and then earthquakes, something, something….  A recent example is the newly discovered crack in the Antarctic  Larson Ice shelf, the state says „because of climate change“ the people think „aha, because of ice melting“. But the location is permanently frozen and hasn’t warmed recently. On the other hand, there are dozens of volcanoes under the Antarctic ice, and volcanoes all over the world are becoming more active.  Thus ,the most probable cause here are real, natural and massive Earth changes.

In addition, the media conceals the fact that pieces of ice many times bigger than the recent one, had broken off this shelf several times in the last century. For comparison, at the same time in Iceland, the “Katla volcano alert was raised on July 28th, as glacial outburst flood is ongoing in Múlakvísl river.”

In fact, what is causing flooding by high tides for instance in Miami Florida, are shifting ocean currents, shifting and increasing winds. These shifts are really happening. In many tropical islands as in Kiributi, this does lead to increasing beach erosion and islands are indeed disappearing, but on other coasts, sea levels are declining.

And so the entire climate discussion has been derailed to divide the population into the two main groups of false believes (1 and 2).

The general nihilistic, anit-westren-civilisation attitude is expressed in the so-called  Precautionary Principle, which postulates that even if it should turn out that CO2 doesn’t cause climate change, we should nevertheless implement draconian measures to stop emissions, just in case (in case of what?).

Trump leaving the Paris Climate Accord.

Those who are against greenhouse gas regulations, are then called climate deniers. But certainly, they are not questioning whether climate exists or not? So, what is meant by climate deniers is climate change deniers, which lumps in those who believe that climate change is not happening with those who believe it is happening, but that it is not man made. Even though Donald Trump supports the false narrative of CO2 as the main cause of climate change, he is now called a climate change denier, after leaving the Paris climate accord in July, 2017. He claims that there are more affective ways to reduce green house gasses than implementing this particular treaty. He is right about the fact that this treaty affects the US more negatively than, for instance, China. Trump even said he consider to „reenter the transaction on terms that are fair to the US and its citizens“.

Climate Refugees 

Governments have been warning that climate change will cause unseen mass migration. It is generally accepted that the flow of refugees will continue only from the third world into western countries, as it is happening today in the case of refugees of war as well as economic refugees. One Million migrants entered Germany in 2015 alone, only 450,000 of which filed for political asylum. The assumption of the continuos direction of migration is driven by the believe that it is still getting warmer in general, so most poorer, southern countries will be dealing with more drought and tropical regions with flooding. What is overlooked is the fact that the USA and European countries have recently been dealing with increasing harvest failures due to cold and flooding, whereas for instance parts of the Sahara desert have been greening again.  France and the US- midwest, both areas important wheat producers, had harvest failures of up to 30 % the second year in a row. Overall, if the current trends of decrease in solar activity continue, we might eventually also see climate refugees evacuating from northern regions and western nations into the south.

Predictions of massive migration into western nations were also made by former secretary John Carry and EU president Junker in 2015, AFTER the beginning of the European migration crisis 2015.

And these leaders of the western world should know, as EU commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulo made it clear in 2015 that Europe will „need 70 million migrants in the next 20 years to replace the aging population“. … climate change or not.

Carry said: „ You think migration is a challenge to Europe today because of extremism, wait till you see what happens when there is an absence of water, an absence of food or one tribe fighting against another for mere survival.“

The film „Climate Refugees“ states that „Europe is spending millions to defend itself against migration from Africa“. Well that was in 2010, but since summer of 2015, Europe is spending billions to invite and accommodate migrants from Africa and the Middle East. The Guardian reports that „Climate change will stir ‘unimaginable’ refugee crisis, says military.: “Cilimate change is set to cause a refugee crisis of “unimaginable scale”, according to senior military figures, who warn that global warming is the greatest security threat of the 21st century and that mass migration will become the “new normal”.

“The generals said the impacts of climate change were already factors in the conflicts driving a current crisis of migration into Europe, having been linked to the Arab Spring, the war in Syria and the Boko Haram terrorist insurgency.”

It should be added here that the food shortages that triggered the Arab Spring in Egypt were also a by-product of mandated biofuel production according to climate regulation.

In a 2015 article, aljazeera explored the question:

„Where will the climate refugees go? We know that climate change will force millions from their homes, but will they even be recognized as refugees?“

The ongoing mass migration into Europe might give clues for an answer.

Many political opinion leaders stress that climate refugees are victims of CO2 emissions from industrial nations, therefore western nations are obligated to take in all climate refugees.

Hans Schnellhuber, Director of P.I.K suggests that western countries should be forced to absorb a mandated number of climate refugees in proportion to their past greenhouse gas emissions. „One man – one vote. One emission – one refugee.“

Since 2015, the leaders of Europe have modified this rationale to refugees of wars, but then went on to invite all migrants for any reason. The proposed notion is that, since European ( especially NATO) countries are involved in wars in the middle East and North Africa, we are also obligated to give asylum to all refugees from these countries. Without being able to conduct background checks, even if 80 % are young men of military age from countries we are bombing. Some might interject that it was the leaders, not the people of Europe who started or intervened in these wars. So, either you admit to having lounged un-justified military aggressions agains a nation and have a moral obligation to take the refugees because of that. Or the war was an altruistic peace intervention, and therefore any moral responsibility for the victims is not connected to the intervention. You can’t have it both ways.

The 3. narrative

Governments and NGOs keep announcing that they will start spraying particles into the upper atmosphere to reflect solar radiation any time soon now and they obviously have been conducting geo-engineering programs in the last decade. The notion human actions could achieve globally effective results in whether modification requires that one attributes supernatural powers to these scientists and technicians. It also requires the complete disregard of the literally astronomical amount of energy that is delivered to Earth from space every second. Since governments themselves are not concerned about green house gases, the only logical purpose to spray particles into the sky at this time is to manage the increasing incoming cosmic rays or harmful electromagnetic space radiation in order to prolong the most pronounced whether anomalies as long as possible. As we know increased cosmic ray flux during low solar activity increases the rate of explosive volcanic eruptions. Could this be a reason why one of the first regions where activist groups were concerned about aerosol geo-engineering was Hawaii?

All evidence for the purpose of such technologies or their efficacy comes from, well, governments and government whistle blowers. Just because hundreds of „leaked“ patents for geo-engineering exist, doesn’t prove they can cause climate havoc. The patents and eye-witness accounts may be genuine, weather modification is indeed being conducted, and with every event of freak weather, the believe that someone causes it, becomes stronger.

A possible case of predictive programming to serve this purpose is the documentary “Why in the world are they spraying?“.  The answer of the film is: secret weather warfare!

In the fictional film Snowpiercer (2013), the many plot is based on global warming, world governments startet to spray chemicals into the air to prevent global warming and it worked a little too well as it caused the Earth to freeze over.

This chimes in with the following article: „Are we playing God with Earth? Scientist admits he is ‘terrified’ of the technology being developed to stop global warming.“

Further, it is becoming more popular to believe that earthquakes and sinkholes are caused by fracking. To be clear, fracking does cause incredible damage to the environment, destroys groundwater resources and it can cause some earthquakes. But the endless suptle admissions by oil companies and regulatory officials makes one wonder how they are suddenly too stupid to cover up they mistakes as they used to.



In „Climate Refugees“, Lester Brown, Author of „Plan B 4.0“ said: „We are at a point now where the challenge is no longer whether we can save the planet. The challenge now is to save civilization itself .“

So, does this mean there is a civilization without a planet? Does he believe in aliens?’ Secret Mars bases?

All of the competing narratives outlined above are paving the way for a possible scenario such as the following: At some point in history we will face another episode of extreme Earth changes as happened in the 14th century and many times before. If the current Earth changes continue to accelerate and solar activity keeps declining toward a grand solar minimum, we will see a drastic episode of Earth changes in the future, meaning most of Al Gore’s worst predictions will come true (except the long term warming). At that point, all discussions about climate change will be over, all “climate skepticism” will be suppressed in the interest of national and international security. Some will even argue, that even if it is not proven that reducing carbon emission would help anything, we still must at least try, just to do something (the Precautionary Principal).

But also this is pre-programmed to fail, as scientists have long said it is too late to stop climate change, we can only mitigate the effects thereof. David Nield said in buissinessinsider: „Congrats, humans: You broke the world“ 

So, everything would be set up for a future episode of natural climate collapse. There is a readymade story for everyone. For those who prefer conspiracy theories – the narrative nr. 3 – consider the following:

In order to divert the attention from real Earth changes (which cannot be stopped by humans) some wings of governments are prepared to take the blame for having caused the climate collapse, by preemptively spreading rumors of how they can manipulate the weather with chemtrails on a global scale. And at the same time, renown scientists have long warned that CERN could create ‚black holes“. Fracking must have caused the earthquakes and sinkholes (and volcanoes?)

As usual, everyone is desperately in search for some humans to blame. If humans caused the mess, then humans can fix it. The public will demand new politicians, new regulations, more censorship. Members of group 1. will go after those of group 2, with the false conformation, that since they produced CO2 and the climate did collapse; therefore they destroyed the Earth! Which would at the moment be the political „right“. The panicked masses will blame Trump and the conservatives (or whoever will be in power at the time). The conservative will blame left wing climate policies. Conspiracy theorists will blame the illuminati, religious believers will blame the sins of mankind and so on.

If solar activity and the Solar Magnetic field strength continue to decline, humanity will again at some point be confronted with some drastic changes. Are you ready?

Sacha Dobler

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