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  1. Nicholas
    ”Why do you believe in fairies, ……”
    I dont, but there are some that do, and they are just as misguided and delusional as those who believe in ‘gods’.
    Surprisingly, even Sir Arthur Conan Doyle believed in fairies, even when he was effectively the inventor of forensic crime investigation, but his were different times.


  2. Why do you believe in fairies, I mean you are talking about them, and if fairies are only fiction why don’t you believe in the reality that comes with truth?


  3. Anyone who believes in invisible all-powerful entities is a lunatic, whether they be fairies, hobgoblins or gods.
    Anyone whose primary directive is to kill those who wont believe in their delusions, is a psychopath.
    Therefore Islam produces, and promotes psychopathic lunatics.

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