Germany new escalation in “War-like scenes” at New Years Eye

Hundreds of police and civilians injured; millions in damage, policemen: “they were trying to kill us.

Here is an unpopular idea: every German who supported their governments migration policies since 2015, is obligated to spend New Years Eve in one of the City centres violent public hotspots.

After the first New Years eve rampage in 2015, with 500 young women and girls raped or groped in Cologne by gangs of young men (mostly of migration background and newly arrived refugees), there was a yearly escalation of violence. This year’s riots finally left even the police “shocked”. After 2015, many cities installed “safe zones” at public outdoor parties. First these were for women only, so they wouldn’t get groped or raped. This year, they admitted men as well after passing pat- down checkpoints. So these days, men need to party in safe zones so they don’t have firework rockets fired in their faces. And most Germans see no problem with this.

Berlin. Fires, barricades, firecrackers thrown at passers-by, attacks on police officers and rescue workers, guns – the New Year’s party in Berlin became a disgrace. The police and fire brigade had almost 4,000 deployments. In 38 cases, fire fighters and EMS were attacked and hindered in the rescue operations. Hundreds of emergency personal injured. 145 suspects, of 18 different nationalities, were arrested by the police, all were released within a day.

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