Trump goes full Idiocracy mode

Trump Digital Trading Cards NFT collection vs, President Camacho in the movie ‘Idiocracy’.

It is increasingly obvious that the globalist establishment want Trump to run in 2024, as he keeps making a mockery out of himself. “Better than Lincoln, better than Washington.”

When Trump promised to make a big announcement by the end of 2022, everyone assumed he would officially announce his 2024 candidacy. Instead, he advertised his new Trump digital trading cards for 99 USD. “You can collect your Trump digital cards just like a baseball card, or other collectables. These cards feature some incredible artwork pertaining to my life”. Presumably meaning juvenile superhero fantasies. All that is missing is super Trump with a super Covid Vaccine syringe, “the Trumpccine, the best vaccine!” if he keeps pushing the agenda, many of his voters will be dead in 2024.

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