Flash back: Where was the outrage when Obama stopped processing Iraqi refugee requests for 6 months in 2011?

Obama speechDo whose who protest against President Trump’s ‘Immegratin Ban’ know that similar measures were take 6 times in US history?

18, 2015 by the Federalist, Author Sean Davis

The Obama Administration stopped processing Iraqi refugee requests for 6 months In 2011.

Although the Obama administration currently refuses to temporarily pause its Syrian refugee resettlement program in the United States, the State Department in 2011 stopped processing Iraq refugee requests for six months after the Federal Bureau of Investigation uncovered evidence that several dozen terrorists from Iraq had infiltrated the United States via the refugee program.After two terrorists were discovered in Bowling Green, Kentucky, in 2009, the FBI began reviewing reams of evidence taken from improvised explosive devices (IEDs) that had been used against American troops in Iraq. Federal investigators then tried to match fingerprints from those bombs to the fingerprints of individuals who had recently entered the United States as refugees:read full article here

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