Did Trump predict the Riots in Immigrant’s Neighborhood in Sweden?



Migrates riots in Rinkeby (Stockholm) Feb. 21. 2017 (Image:

First, I endorse the statement by YouTuber Computing Forever, I too, wish I wouldn’t have to come to the defense of Donald Trump and I’m no fan of Trump. But he again hit a nerve, this time it even included some sort of prophetic warning. So the mainstream media were busy proclaiming their outrage about Donald Trump’s remark about “last night im Sweden…” as he was talking about the increase in violence and terrorism in Europe in connection with uncontrolled immigration in recent years in a speech he gave in Florida on Feb 18th. Even the Swedish government had the nerve to ‘demand’ and explanation from the president and claimed there were no problems with immigration in Sweden, because noting happened last night in Sweden. Trump tweeted that he was referring to a TV show he saw last night, which again earned him much ridicule from the desperate media. What IS wrong with immigration in Sweden is explained well in the video below and I will not have to repeat all the points such as skyrocketing numbers of rape, systematic government cover-up of immigrant criminality and so on, let me just add that meanwhile, as of Tuesday 21st, migrates are rioting in Rinkeby (Stockholm). If the mainstream media and the western political establishment are not able to quiet the reports about current migrant riots in Sweden, they might have to blame them on Trump.




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