Oroville Dam Update March 6th, 2017 Manipulation of rebar?

Oroville Dam Spillway damage rebars

How did these rebars snap off all at about the same length without bending? Were the bars two short without overlap to the next row? Or were these stumps of rebar inserted after the fact? Compare to images of demolition sites where we typically see exposed rebar bend much like spaghetti rather than being snapped off clear.

Oroville Dam Spillway erosion 3.6. 2017

The latest repair effort also reveal the extensive erosion that undermined the remains of the spillway. Certain parts of the spillway lay on solid bedrock, whereas other parts are washed out to a depth of about 15 meters.

Oroville dam spillway repair work 3.6. 2017


Oroville Dam spillway erosion 3.6.2017



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