No-go zones in Switzerland?

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Mob of youths forces police motorcycle patrol to flee from neighborhood.

Lausanne, Switzerland. A group of about 20 young men rush towards a motorcycle police officer, yell threats and force him to leave the neighborhood. The police blames the attack on the presence of a French rapper naned Kalash Criminel. The incident occurred on June 30th in the neighborhood of Praz-Séchaud, as was confirmed by Raphaël Pomey of the City Police of Lausanne, who insisted that there are no No-go zones in Lausanne.

see video 


Attacks against police used to be extremely rare in Switzerland, but have increased in recent years.. In 2015, two Police officers were attacked and beaten without warning at a Festival in Lausanne.

Lausanne Police attacked 2015

Lausanne Police attacked 2015

According to, one third of residents of Basel feel unsafe to go out at night. In Zurich, it is half of the population.


See also:

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Update Feb 2018: Angela Merkel admits there ARE ‘no-go areas’ in Germany



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