Earthquake and tsunami In Kos, Greece leaves two dead and dozens injured

Earthquake tsunami Kos July 2017

The Mirror 

The 6.7 tremor caused Tsunami in tourist hotspots across Turkey and Greece with buildings collapsing as people flee their hotel rooms in panic

Screaming holidaymakers ran from a bustling Kos bar in terror as a violent earthquake collapsed a wall into the roof – crushing and killing two revellers.

Scores of tourists and local residents fled as buildings crumbled around them, crushing limbs and causing hundreds of casualites.

As a search and rescue unit from the Greek armed forces flew in support citizens, pictures of families cowering under tables and huddled on sun loungers emerged.

Two men have died and more than 200 people are injured after the powerful quake shook the coast of Turkey early this morning.

The tremor, said to have been up to a magnitude of 6.7, struck south of the Turkish city of Bodrum and east of the Greek island of Kos – areas popular with British holidaymakers.

Buildings on Kos were damaged by the shockwaves, which prompted a small tsunami, flooding parts of the island.

The mayor of the popular island, George Kyritsis, confirmed two men were killed when a wall collapsed onto a bar in the old town area.

The revellers – whose names have not been revealed – were from Turkey and Sweden.

Earthquake tsunami Kos July 2017

Compare with Black Death and Abrupt Earth Changes page 28.

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