Early Hurricane Harvey preparations. Who knew what?

On Tuesday, 8-29-2017, at the press conference with president Trump, the governor of Texas Greg Abbott had this to say:

“..a lot of people see what happens in front of the camera. I want to reveal in just one minute, what’s been going on behind the scene, behind the camera for the past two weeks.  About ten days in advance of the hurricane even coming in to the Corpus Christi area, members of the president’s cabinet and the president himself were in contact with me and my office, pre-preparing for this catastrophe that was coming our way. And every step of the way, as the …..”

See on the video how on the 14th,  the “storm” was a mere weak low pressure system in front of the Africa coast, barely distinguishing from the surrounding low pressures.

How did they involve the president in the preparations for such an initially weak low pressure and how did they estimate that it would dissipate and re- strengthen several time to then hit Texas and (not Mexico or Florida)? Normally, they can barely predict tomorrows local weather these days.


trump abbott Harvey preparations

trump abbott Harvey preparations

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