Germany’s main Left Wing Party (The Linke) paints Swastika for a election campaign video against „Nazis“

left wind party paint swastika for campagne film

Linke Paint swastika for campagne film

Original: BZ (Berliner  Zeitung) translation:

For their latest election promotion spot, the Left Party choreographed an incident of „Hate against Foreigners“ in the town of Wedding.

Tatjana Sterneberg (65) witnessed the film shooting of the promotion video from a cafe opposite the street. The production crew had painted the words „Ausländer raus „ (Foreigners  get out) and a swastika. It is illegal to produce this symbol in Germany.

Sterneberg saw how the film team with several cameras choreographed a scene in which a young woman wiped off the graffiti with a cloth. The process was repeated several times.

A staged protest.

The scenes were shot in early August and can now be seen in an election promo of „The Linke“. The party had the swastika painted in order to protest against “Nazis”!

Tatjana Sterneberg, committee member of the „Vereinigung 17. Juni“, is outraged: “They try to suggest that the Kiez neighborhood is frequented by right wing extremists. That is not the case at all.“

Also Hubertus Knabe (57), Supervisor of the Stasi-memorial Hohenschönhausen (Wedding) is puzzled: „it is bizarr, when The Linke has swastikas painted in Berlin, to protest against Right wing hate. It is actually a case for the prosecutor.“

During the film shooting, eye witnesses called the police. The patrol officers checked the film permit of the crew. They also filed charges against the man who painted the swastika, for use of a symbol of an organization prohibited by the constitution. For this, general punishment can range from fines to up to three years of prison.

Hendrik Thalheim (57), spokesman of The Linken said to Berlin Zeitung; „In this election campaign spot, we illustrate a sozial reality in our country, as well as left wing answers and proposals against it.

Many casees are known in which left wing activists painted swastikas graffitis in order to “raise awareness” to the problem of right wing extremism.

In 2016 a Syrian migrant confessed and was convicted of severe arson, he had burnt down his refugee asylum in Germany and painted a swastika on the outside wall to lay a false clue.

In this video, recorded at an event of the DGB, left wind activists admit to having painted swastika gratifies. Video:



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