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Very large sinkhole opens near Apopka middle school in Florida

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A very large sinkhole opened up behind Apopka Memorial Middle School in Orange County, Florida on Wednesday, September 13, 2017. 

The hole is eating up a section of the West Orange Trail. “The hole – located north of Votaw Road and south of McCoy Village Court – appeared to be caused by storm water from Hurricane Irma. Lake Mcoy is east of there,” the City of Apopka said, urging residents to stay away from this immediate area.

Drone footage shot by Apopka city officials shows the hole, which appears to be about 22.8 m (25 yards) wide in some places, running through an open field and cutting the West Orange Trail in half before emptying into some woods.

News 96.5 WDBO send up a chopper to check it out and reported that the hole appears to be a drainage ditch that was eroded further, rather than a sinkhole.

Featured image: Very large sinkhole opens near Apopka middle school in Florida. Credit: City of Apopka


Florida Sinkhole after Hurricane Irma

Florida Sinkhole after Hurricane Irma

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  1. Please, I wrote another comment in this WordPress webpage about what sinkholes really are. This is is very important for human safety. I am a christian. Sink holes are created by large asteroid impacts and the holes will always be in the pattern of a circle.


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