Another M 5,7 Earthquake in Mexico on the same line. New fault line?

Yesterday, I reported on the latest 6.1 earthquake in Matias Romero, Mexico and pointed to the alignment of the most severe Sept. 2017 quakes In Mexico. Strong aftershocks of the Sept 9 earthquake near Mexico City were expected but predictions for locations generally pointed to the fault line along the Pacific coast, were most epicenters of the major quakes in the last century were located. As the animation below shows, strong earthquakes (greater than M 7.0) since 1900 were concentrated on the coast, along the Middle American Trench on the Ring of Fire, the first major inland quakes of the century took place only in the 1990s and then in this month, the recent activity seems to line up along what I’d like to call a “New Fault Line” between the Gulf of Tehuantepec and Mexico City. This would form an angular continuation of the Tehuantepec Fracture Zone.

Mexico Earthquake 9-24-2017

Mexico Earthquake 9-24-2017

M 5.7 Earthquake Chiapas, Mexico

M 5.7 Earthquake Chiapas, Mexico 9-24-2017


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