Is Spain trying to provoke Catalonians to secede? (subcounsciously?)

Is the Spanish Government using reversed psychology the separatists? Tonight, Sunday 10-1-2017, the people of the Spanish province of Catalonia are voting on the independence of their territory from Spain. The Spanish government dues not accept the referendum, and as of the end of this week, only 40% of all Catalonians were in favor of secession from Spain, but the vast majority is in favor of democratic votes on the issues. So, all that Spanish Government would have had to do is let them vote and then ignore the result, should it be in favor of succession.  But to the rage of the Catalonians and many supporters around the world, Spain sent the national police to try and prevent the voting, raiding voting offices and cracking down harshly on protesters, leaving 300 people injured on Sunday. This is an approach that seems almost too stupid to be a serious plan by a state like Spain. why not just ignore the results, if to the dislike of the Government.  It will certainly turn more voters to be in favor of the independence. Independence from Spain means more dependance to the European Union and the European Central Bank. The final result is anticipated for tonight at 20:00h UTC, but if the secession is rejected, we may expect more protests the coming days until the people get “their way”.

Watch the Spanish government making themselves unnecessarily unpopular.

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