JEWS FIREBOMBED in SWEDEN. Is the Leftwing European ruling class showing their true face as the Inter- Nazis (inter-national socialists) they really are?

Anti-semitic attack in Sweden 12-11-2017

Anti-semitic attack in Sweden 12-11-2017

The international mainstream media is still trying to insinuate that the violence against Jews in Sweden – which has been increasing in the last several years – must somehow come from right wind extremists, even though the protesters shout Allah Akbar and wave Antifa flags. “Youth” fire bomb a synagogue full of children, shouting death to the Jews and authorities are reluctant to call it terrorism or a hate crime.

For many years, Jewish citizens have been fleeing from Malmö were many No-go-zones have developed, as a direct result of the Swedish migration policies.

see also the video by PeterSweden

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