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Strange Times in Poland

Isolated videos or audio files of „strange sounds“ can generally be regarded with a grain of caution, especially if there is only one recording of an occurrence of the event in one location. However, the latest case from Poland is below:

-Two weeks ago, Google censored the Youtube cannel of the Polish government. Censoring an entire country, is a new level and again illustrates the blatant double standard. Google does not even censor totalitarian governments (for instance Saudi State television: Saudi Arabian family therapist explains how to beat your wife properly).

Judge for yourself whether you find anything factually incorrect in the Polish immigration video:


Then, the EU again showed their totalitarian principles as they announced to sue the Polish government for not adhering to „European values“. Or in other words: Poland refuses to accept million of unveted migrants, most of which are illegals even by EU law.

Poland cries foul as EU triggers ‘nuclear option’ over judicial independence


And then again, strange sound were heard over Poland:

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