Is this de facto Sharia in Sweden? Cops Tell Women To ‘Stay inside’ To Avoid Rape

Comment AEC: So, the Swedish “Truth-Police” is cracking down on women who protest against a rape pandemic, Swedish authorities are sentensing citizens for “hate speech” if they dare criticize the governments migration policies, after Sweden was turned into Europe’s rape capital. Now, the police issues curfews for women in disguise of warnings. Women shouldn’t go out alone especially at night to prevent rape. That’s just what Sharia Law demands or implies in the countries that implement it in one form or another. Women who go out alone (or without male permission) may get raped.
Is this de facto Sharia Law implemented in Sweden?

Rapes In Sweden Cause Curfews To Be Instated

Hundreds of protesters raged against Swedish police Tuesday after the nation’s law enforcement warned women to “stay inside or walk in pairs” to avoid the slew of gang rapes that have plagued the country this fall.

Police issued the warning Sunday after a 17-year-old was gang raped early Saturday morning in Malmo, Sweden, by an unknown number of attackers, the Daily Mail reported Wednesday. The first of the series of rapes occurred on Nov. 4, followed by another just a week later. Malmo police have opened a preliminary investigation into the rape, and they have defended their comment, claiming their words are being taken out of context.

“It’s about common sense. We are not warning people not to be outside, but to think twice and maybe not walk alone late at night and instead go with others or take a taxi,” said Anders Nilsson, a Malmo police officer.


Statistics Pew Research: Overwhelming majorities unhappy with EU’s handling of refugees.

Europeans dissaprove of EU's handling of refugee 2016.06.07

Europeans dissaprove of EU’s handling of refugee 2016.06.07 Pew Research Center


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