All-time Record Number of Avalanche Safety- Detonations in Switzerland.

February has not even started, but already an all-time record number of safety avalanche detonations was performed in the Swiss Alps due to record snowfalls, particularly due to wet snows. February is the main months of the Swiss skiing season. According to «NZZ am Sonntag» 5000 detonations were performed so far, 120 tons of explosives were discharged. Avalanche detonations are performed in order to release snow masses safely, before accumulating snow masses are too large to prevent large avalanches that potentially destroy towns.

Here a video of a sucessfull controlled avalanche detonation lasts week in Saas-Fee. The cloud consists of powder snow, no damage was sustained.


Saas-Fee Switzerland Avalanche 1-24-2018

Controlled Detonation Saas-Fee Switzerland Avalanche 1-24-2018

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