Weather forecaster who uses sunspot numbers predicts coldest winter ever in Australia

[…] Mr Taylor said tracking sunspot activity has enabled him to successfully predict weather events in the past.

Here is the MSN article:

The map EVERY Australian should see: With the country set to shiver through the coldest ever winter – just how low could the temperature get near you?

Australia is heading towards it’s coldest winter on record predicts David Taylor, who runs the Brisbane Weather and East Coast Weather Facebook pages.

If the prediction comes to fruition Australians could be facing winter temperatures chillier than those ever recorded.

Daily Mail Australia has compiled a map to show the lowest July temperatures ever recorded using the Government’s Bureau of Meteorology climate data

The forecast comes on the heels of a record-shattering winter in the northern hemisphere with temperatures along the east coast and the mid-west United States reaching far below freezing.

In January this year, the US was battered by a phenomenon described as a ‘bomb cyclone’ that brought heavy snowfall as far south as Florida as well as hurricane-force winds.

The United Kingdom also experienced an intense winter with heavy snowfall and temperatures regularly reaching -15C in a massive cold wave dubbed the ‘Beast from the East.’

Mr Taylor, who has correctly predicted major weather events in the past, said that the icy conditions would impact huge areas of Australia.

‘It will be slightly cooler than normal in the north but the real cold will be in the southern states and southeast Queensland,’ he told The Cairns Post.

‘I wouldn’t be surprised if there is snow in places where it hasn’t snowed for a long time.’

Mr Taylor has explained that his forecast formula uses changes in sunspot activity, along with Global Forecast System modelling, and the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecast.

Mr Taylor said tracking sunspot activity has enabled him to successfully predict weather events in the past.

He was lauded for correctly predicting that 600mm of rain would fall in Townsville on February 28.


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