Germany: Refugee beheads his Baby, kills Ex- girlfriend in train station. Prosecutors raid eye-witnesses’ homes to cover it up. 

Baby beheaded by migrant. mourtala-m-2

Baby beheaded by migrant. mourtala-m-2

A one-year old baby and the mother were brutally stabed to death in the train station Jungfernstieg.

10 days ago, the case was published. On Thursday, 4-12-2018, a 33-year- old suspect from Niger by the name of Mourtala Madou, stabbed and mutelated his baby and his Ex-girlsfriend in front of several witnesses – among them another child (3) of the mother – during morning commute. The man had fled from Niger in 2013.

Police spokes person Timo Zill said on Thursday, the man from Niger stabbed his victims „very accuratelly and massivelly“.

Police and Federal Procecutors tried to cover up the fact that the baby had been beheaded by the man. On Friday night, the police raided the homes of the man from Ghana who filmed the massacre as well as the home of a blogger who had uploaded the footage on you-tube.  The faces of the victims were not visible in the video.

The police broke the locks of the doors to enter without consent.

The search warrant that was published states expicitly that „the perpertrator severed the head of the baby almost completely“.

See German language article and Eye-witness video. 

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  1. In my opinion, I believe that Chancellor
    Angela Merkel has received “hush”
    money from sources that want
    the world to think Islam is a “religion
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    you will see islam is not a “religion of

    As part of this propaganda scheme,
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    And Al-Hazr University in Cairo, Egypt proclaimed in 2014 that ISIS was “the
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    So I make this conclusion when it
    comes to government officials
    wanting the media to keep quiet about Muslims committing acts of terror
    and murder: “Follow the money.” 😈


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