Tommy Robinson arrested for reporting on trial of child rape gang. Government bans reporting on arrest.


They used to come in the middle of the night.

Tommy Robinson was arrested in broad daylight on camera for “breeching the peace” and sentenced to 13 months in prison. He was not even talking to anyone in front of the court house. The UK Government gave out an D -notice ordering the ban of any reporting on the trial against the child rape- and grooming gangs. Now there is an extension to forbid reporting on Tommy Robinson’s arrest. Hundred of news articles were deleted. BBC, Russia Today, Breitbart admitted they were ordered to delete their articles on the arrest.



From “Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn The Gulag Archipelago”:

“Not everyone was so fortunate as to understand at the age of fourteen, as did
Vanya Levitsky: “Every honest man is sure to go to prison. Right now my papa is serving time, and when I grow up they’ll put me in too.” (They put him in when he was twenty -three years old.)”

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