The Middle Ages return to Europe: Cannibalism, Exorcism and child marriage caused by Left-wind Refugee-politics

Cannibalism in Italy,  Voodoo “Exorcism” in Switzerland, forced weddings of children, female genital mutilation, condoned in the name of tolerance.

Devil exorcism in Switzerland Image: Blick .ch

Devil exorcism in Switzerland. Image: (symbolic image)

Switzerland is one of the countries, where criminality overall has apparently not increased drastically, surrounded by Germany, France, Italy and Austria, in all these countries, violent crime has been increasing exponentially in the last 3 years. Rape and murder have in some instances doubled in one year. One out of two migrants in Austria was charged with a crime.  

But behind closed doors, also in Switzerland, human rights abuses are on the rise, covered up and normalised by state and media.

As the newspaper ‘Blick’ reports: “In the  last few months the cases of violent ‘devil exorcisms’ have increased among refugees from Eritrea. Compatriots are trying to expel alleged demons by beating and punching their victims.”

Child marriages are becoming normal, in Sweden it is even officially tolerated by authorities for the sake of inclusivenes.

Embracing New Cultures: Sweden Condones Child Marriage for Immigrants

Cases of ritual butchering and alleged cannibalise are of the rise. 

Meanwhile the supporters of left-wind refugee-politics refuse to accepts the fact that they have blood on their hands. 

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