Dutch Politician Dille claims having been gang raped by Moroccans and receiving death threats, was found dead the next day. Authorities call it suicide immediately.


Hague City Councilor Willie Dille Suicides After Posting Video Claiming Gang Raped by Moroccans

Hague City Councilor Willie Dille ‘Suicides’ After Posting Video Claiming Gang Raped by ‘Moroccans’

Netherlands PVV city councilor in The Hague Willie Dille posted a video on Facebook on Wednesday in which she said that she was gang-raped by Muslim Moroccans in March, 2017. The 53-year-old politician looks tired and emaciated in the video. The PVV released a statement asking that Dille be left in peace.The following video was made the day before she decided to commit suicide. It was on Willie Dilles’s Facebook page yesterday, but has since been removed.

“I just want the world to know the truth. 15 March 2017 I was kidnapped, raped and assaulted by group of Muslims because they wanted me to keep quiet in the Hague city council”, she said in the video. March 15th last year was the day of the parliamentary elections. “After it happened, I did not tell anyone, I just did my debates the next day.”

In the video, Dille announced that she is quitting as politician. She said that she recently received death threats stating that “we will soon cut your throat and let you bleed to death.” “I’m just afraid that they will hurt my children, my guests. I can not live with that. They don’t like women at all. They don’t like me at all,” she said. She wants to continue to fight, but her children need her and she fears for her life, she said. “That’s why I decided to stop.”

Comment AEC:

It should occur to any conscionable person that mothers who fear for their lives and the lives of their children will almost certainly not commit suicide and leave their children behind. To immediately declare it a suicide without an investigation is at the very least evidence of obfuscation of the truth.

The German language publication Die Presse reports that in the video she made the day before her death, Dille claims Muslin man came to her car and told her, they will cut her throat soon. The Den Haag Police said the day after her death, that at the time of the alleged rape, she had not filed charges, which raises suspicions on her claims.  in reality, the comments raised suspicions over the humanity of the Den Hag police, since 90 % of all rapes go unreported.


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