Zurich: After Stabbing, Mob of 300 people (some masked) attack police and EMS. Police emphasises several were soccer hooligans

zurich riots stabbing

On Saturday night at 23h pm, one men (of stateless status) was stabbed and severely injured at the lake side of Zurich.  The Blick Reports, EMP personal who came to the rescue were attacked by a mob of about 300 people (some of them masked), about a dozend of which were wearing fan apparel of a local soccer club (FCZ). 60 police were using water cannons of riot vehicles and rubber bullets, the attacks on police continued for 2.5 hours, until 1.30h AM local time, when the mob was dispersed.

Two police officers were injured. Further, two young men from Syria and Libya were injured. Because of the ‘large number of attackers’, only one arrest could be made, of an Afghan citizen (18). Zurich Police demands their officers wear body cams immediately. No explanation was given on how this would help to identify masked men.


The phenomenon of EMS workers being prevented from rescue missions by violent mobs is increasingly widspread in Sweden, Germany and France. In SwitzerlandIt is relatively new.

In the same night, only hours earlier, also in the city of Basel EMS were attacked by a violent mob of ‘men’. The rescue team had to be protected by police.

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