Jews in Chemnitz afraid of migrants, not of “right-wingers”


Chemnitz Trauermarsch 9-1-2018

Chemnitz Trauermarsch vigil 9-1-2018

The head of the Jewish Community Chemnitz, Ruth Roecher, was interviewed about ‘right wing rallies’ and the civil society in the Jüdische Allgemeine of 8-29-2018. Here are few excerpts: Article by Ayala Goldmann, translation by AbruptEarthChanges:

Mrs. Roecher, how did you experience the violent protests in the past few days in Chemnitz?

Roecher. “I did not notice it at first, I was traveling with friends. My son called me on Sunday night from Berlin and asked: “ What is happening in Chemnitz?” And then we listened to the radio. The Synagogue and the community building are close to the center but not directly in the center, and the Synagogue was not affected at all. The police show a high presence at our place since about one and a half years, but this is also connected to the renovation of the community center.”

Roecher further explained: “Chemnitz used to be a quiet city and a city, in which one could live well, a city of culture, we as the Jewish community are very welcome in Chemnitz. But the altered situation, since the refugees are here, some people don’t like this. And also ‘our People’ are, since 2015, simply afraid. Because we know from which countries many of the refugees are coming and what information they are given there about Israel and Judaism.”

There were no threats against Jews whatsoever (from citizens) Roecher “We are not in the focus, at least for now”.










Related Article: Here is the re-upload of the translation of the article by Junge Freisheit:

Wolffsohn: „Violence against Jews is coming exclusively from Muslims“

Berlin. Historian Michael Wolffsohn is concerned about increasing anti-Semitism in Europe by Muslims. „We have and ever increasing Muslim minority, which is being radicalised“, says Wolffsohn zu  Neuen Zürcher Zeitung.

Wolffsohn said he hasn’t seen the danger of Islamists taking over power in Europe, but he observes with worries, that law enforcement agencies in France and Germany are not prepared to the threat by Islamist extremism.

It is also a problem that the root cause of the growing Antisemitism is not clearly addressed. „ When I ask around in my Jewish circles of acquaintances, they all say the same thing: Violence against Jews is coming exclusively from Muslims. „ In official crime statistics however, anti- Semitic crimes are prevvalinly classified as politically motivated „right-wing criminality“.

„Violent Antisemitism today does not come from the right.“

„Many incidents end up in a separate statistic for politically motivated crimes under ‚Israel- Palestine- Conflict’. This can be seen as obfuscation, because it leads to a completely distorted perception, Wolffsohn criticises.

Surely, there were also right-wind anti-Semites, such as for instance the former Chief of the Front National, Jean-Marie Le Pen, but he had never called for violence against Jews. „The same is true in Germany for AfD and Pegida. The violent Antisemitism today does not come from the right.“

The danger for Jews in Germany today does not come from families, in which the parents vote for the AfD – a party which Wolffsohn sternly opposes. „They danger comes from Muslim families“, he emphasises. He knows many Jews, who are contemplating to emigrate from Germany.

„They are much younger than I and say they are moving to Israel for their children’s sake. Others reveal they no longer send their children to public schools and kindergartens. Out of fear of beatings and mobbing“. What is happening to Jews today, could at some point happen to the majority of the people, the historian warns.

But this majority has, unlike the Jews, no second home like Israel, as Michel Houellebecqs describes in his novel „Submission“. (krk)

Comment AEG: Even though almost none of the perpetrators are Germans, to classify anti-Semitic crimes perpetrated by Middle Eastern Migrants is as “right-wing extremism” not far fetched, it is just not European right -wind extremism, because most radicalised Muslims hold Nationalistic and authoritarian views, not German Nationalist views. For Instance, It turns out that people with German-Turkish double citizenship living in Germany, overwhelmingly vote left in Germany, but right in Turkey at the same time:


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