FAZ: Almost 40 % of Africans are contemplating to emigrate. [540 Million people]

Are you ready? For context, the EU has about 512.6 million people (2019), Western Europe has 397.5 Millionen inhabitants (2009)

Einwanderer-aus-tunesien Image- FAZ

Einwanderer-aus-tunesien. Image- FAZ

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung,  VON PHILIP PLICKERT.   Translation: Abrupt Earth Changes

“Millions of Africans are contemplating to leave their home countries. One out of four of the potential migrants want to move to Europe. This leads to problems – in the countries of arrival as well as in the countries of departure. 

It is primarily economic reasons that make a considerable number of citizens in most African nations contemplate emigration. According to the research network Afrobarometer, an average of almost 4 out of 10 inhabitants ( 37%) are thinking of emigration. 18 % say they “think about it intensely”. The Panafrican “ Afrobarometer” questioned 46,000 people in 34 countries. 

The wish to emigrate is greater in men (40 %) than in women (33%). Especially young people are open to leaving their countries. Among the 18-25- year olds, it is almost half of the population. 

The potential migrants are not the poorest, but rather the ones with better education and rather the city dwellers that the rural population. As the main reason, they name the search for work (44 %),  as well as the hope to escape economically difficult situations (29 %). 

Among the potential migrants, one out of 10 has already made concrete plans and preparation. […]

When asked for their destination, one third of the potential emigrants say they wont to stay in their region. 27% named Europe as their destination. Fewer than that (22 percent) named North Africa. […]”

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  1. I dont think it has anything to do with IQ, because IQ tests for Europeans would be based on their culture and education. This would be somewhat alien to SSAfricans. Its a bit like taking an Amazon jungle person and a Londoner, and transposing them into each others environment. Both would be perfectly successful in their own world, but the Londoner would probably die rapidly from starvation, or from being attacked by local wildlife. The Amazonian would probably get killed the first time he tried to cross a busy street. In my past experience, Africans who could bodge a car together in Africa, would have had great difficulty in fixing a modern car in Europe, and when they were refused jobs, put it down to racial prejudice. The problem is education, or lack of it, not just formal education, but life education, learned just by growing up in a European environment


  2. Right, there are no you jobs in Europe that can done with an IQ of 70 or below and very few job for IQ 70 – 85 (70 is the average IQ in Sub-Sahara African countries. Plus, migration leads to another humanitarian crisis. Since SSAfricans who make it to the west have on average higher IQs than their compatriots, this leads to brain drain or ‘Strip mining of Human competence’ in these countries with devastating consequences for the ones left behind.
    A study cited by Dr. Nyborg determined the mean IQ of the migrants to Denmark since 2015 to be at 86, which agrees roughly with the average IQ in the Middle Eastern and North- and East- Africa, where most migrants are coming from.


  3. The problem is, mostly their skills, while OK in Africa, are often inadequate in a much higher technology Europe.
    So their dreams are likely to stay that way.


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