Notre Dame Fire: Paris Authorities rule out Arson within hours without manditory investigation

After dozens of cases of desecration and arson against Catholic churches in France in the last months, (POLICE: 875 FRENCH CATHOLIC CHURCHES were DESECRATED IN 2018 ALONE), Paris authorities were quick to rule out an possible intentional cause of the Notre Dame Fire. How can arson be ruled out at 11 pm on Monday, while the fire is still raging in the cathedral? Police will conduct an investigation into “involuntary destruction caused by fire.” No mention of an investigation into possible arson (this is mandatory in every building fire).

TimePeter Allen Clark, 
Prosecutors Rule Out Arson at Paris’ Famous Notre Dame Cathedral as Firefighters Extinguish Blaze 

PARIS (AP) — The Latest on a fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris (all times local):

11:15 p.m.

The Paris prosecutors’ office says investigators are treating the blaze that destroyed part of Notre Dame as an accident for now.

The prosecutors’ office said late Monday they have ruled out arson in Monday’s fire, including possible terror-related motives for starting the blaze.

Prosecutors say Paris police will conduct an investigation into “involuntary destruction caused by fire.”


11:05 p.m.

A French official and the Paris fire chief say they think Notre Dame Cathedral’s landmark rectangular towers have been saved from the fire that caused horrific damage.

Junior Interior Minister Laurent Nunez said late Monday that authorities remain “prudent” but are “much more optimistic” than earlier in the night.

Paris fire commander Jean-Claude Gallet said a major accomplishment of hundreds of firefighters was stopping the flames from spreading to the north tower belfry.

Gallet says two-thirds of Notre Dame’s roofing “has been ravaged.” He says one firefighter was injured.

He says fire crews will keep working overnight to cool down the structure.

Meanwhile: Radical Muslims and Leftists are cheering online:

Notre Dame FIre: radical Muslims and Leftists cheering online

Notre Dame FIre: radical Muslims and Leftists cheering online

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  1. lucky it wasn’t a Synagoge or they would expect taxpayers and Germans to foot the bill


  2. Typical of the catholic church, no sprinklers, no security cameras, etc.
    Just beg more money from the people to repair the building.


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