Everywhere is warming twice as fast as everywhere else! Someone is lying about Man-made Climate Change…

Everywhere is warming twice as fast as everywhere else. Some news articles that show that at least most of them (If not all) are lying.

Montage: Johnny Twoskidoos @JTwoskidoos



More news reports:

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Great Lakes Basin warming faster than other parts of country, new study finds

Keith Matheny Detroit Free Press T Mar 21, 2019



Globa Warning everywhere

Globa Warning everywhere


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  1. I thoroughly believe Nirubu or Planet 7X is the reality God set in place from the beginning and this is the reason for the warming and the effect on the Sun will be a prolonged low Sun spot activity period, maybe as long as 70 years this time around, but more than the two previous 365 year periods recordings of Sun spot activity.


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