Bilderberg 2019 at Chillon Castle: Who is this man?

(Update June 2, 2019: It appears to be Martin Dion (CISSP, CISM); Global Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) & Vice-President EMEA Services at Kudelski Security; Lausanne Switzerland. He was not on the list of attendees published before or after the meeting. Thanks to the tip from user Toto.)

Montreux, Switzerland: On Saturday, June 1st, the Bilderberg Group left for a late night excursion by boat to the famous Chateaux Chillon, the water castle outside of Montreux. I accompanied Jan from (Poland), who took this remarkable footage of what appears to be the full assembly of this year’s Bilderberg Group (About 160 people disembarked, including security personal). They entered the castle at 20 45h shortly before sunset. The surroundings of the castle were cordoned off by more than a hundred police, international secret service, and private security, as always, your taxes at work.

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