Are French Women (unwitingly) protesting against Mass Migration? 


France Protests violence femicide 2019 image:

France Protests violence femicide 2019 image:

Increase of violence against women and migration

“France to launch debate to address ‘flagrant’ femicide figures. The French government has announced that it will launch a nation-wide debate in September on conjugal violence in an effort to find a solution to stop the increase of femicides in France.”

“Since January this year, 75 women have been victim to conjugal violence. On Saturday, over 1200 people marched in Paris calling on the French government to take immediate action.”


Again, women protest-leaders are rallying against “men” in general. Neither the victims nor the politicians of European Nations, who are responsible for the increase in violence, mention the inconvenient facts: Male migrants of recent years are drastically over-represented in violent crime, especially sexual violence. (in Germany, asylum seekers are 42 times more prevalent in gang rape them the general population). 

Migrant women are far more endangered of becoming victims of domestic violence. About 80 percent of migrants of recent years are male, female migrants with partners have almost exclusively migrant partners (among other factors also because their male family peers only allow them to have partners of their own religion or nationality, or they are force-married to their cousin. (see women stats. org)

Taking into account all the facts below, it becomes clear that the elephant in the living room is this: the increase in domestic violence and femicide in Europe is inherently connected to uncontrolled mass migration caused by European politicians. As the French government and media is covering up the demographics of the perpetrators, let’s consider some inconvenient facts from other western countries of recent years. To cover up the facts will ultimately only lead to prejudice against all non- violent male immigrants and refugees.

UK 2019: Domestic Abuse Bill fails migrant women whose perpetrators use immigration status as a ‘weapon to abuse’

‘The bill barely tinkers at the edges of what is necessary to ensure migrant women are treated fairly,’ says Director of Amnesty UK


Switzerland 2018 : Domestic violence: protection for affected female migrants

Female migrants suffer comparatively more frequent and more severe domestic violence than Swiss women. “

USA: The Facts on Immigrant Women and Domestic Violence

A recent study in New York City found that 51 percent of intimate partner homicide victims were foreign-born, while 45 percent were born in the United States.ii

Immigrant women often suffer higher rates of battering than U.S. citizens because they may come from cultures that accept domestic violence or because they have less access to legal and social services than U.S. citizens. viii


Immigrant Women Half of Danish Domestic Violence Victims – Report

Last year, 48 percent of women at gender equality advocacy organisation Danner’s crisis centres nationwide were immigrants, of whom 68 percent had no Danish citizenship, the organisation stressed in a new report addressing their vulnerability to partner violence.

2018: Sweden rape: Most convicted attackers foreign-born, says BBC

Switzerland, 2006: 85% of all suspects charged with rape are non-citizens.

(In some Swiss cities, the Police have decided they no longer publish the country of citizenship of perpetrators.) In 2006, 21,9 % of all inhabitants were non-citizens. That means, in 2006, non- citizens were on average 20,1 times more prevalent as rapists than Swiss citizens.

2016: There are big problems’ Outrage as migrant rapes soar by 133% – in just ONE YEAR

Statistics on the European migration crisis and criminality

2018: Germany: Migrant Rape Crisis Still Sowing Terror and Destruction

Women and children sacrificed on the altar of political correctness

Male migrants are raped and sexually abused as routinely as women, study finds


Immigration didn’t save these women. It killed them.

“In a 2000 study published in the Georgetown Journal on Poverty Law and Policy, 48% of immigrant women from Latin America claimed that they had suffered more domestic violence since moving to the United States. This troubling statistic suggests that the United States is no panacea against cultural domestic violence, but that the resulting dislocation may actually instead exacerbate the abuse.”


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