The Climate Change Agenda and Globalist Pedophiles: Video

The connection between globalist elites, royalty, pedophiles, climate change, mass migration and the changing human behaviour. By Sacha Dobler

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Since half of the population has suddenly turned to conspiracy theories regarding Jeffry Epstein’s death, let’s look at some conspiracy facts. The poll showed the only 29 percent of Americans believe Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide. Why is much of this coming to light at the (very probable) eve of the next Grand Solar Minimum? Greta Thunberg is sailing across the ocean to the next climate summit in New York. And millions of people still believe that she is just a little girl who protested so convincingly with her cardboard poster, that the globalist elites just had to listen to her, thus she forced her way into speaking at the UN, the EU, WEF in Davos, national parliaments. In fact, Greta is sponsored by the globalist elites, including European nobility, what she demands is exactly what the globalists are demanding. Ingmar Rentzhog, the PR-Expert and founder of the company “We don’t have Time” who brought her to fame, had been friends with her mother before the protests. At the World Economic Forum in Davos, global leaders were listening intently as she preached: “You should feel the fear I feel every day,” . Even the German foreign minister wishes Greta Thunberg a good trip, and said the concern over climate is ‘right and good’. Another establishment politician, like his boss Merkel, who is cheering on climate activists to protest against their own politics. “The yacht Malizia II will be captained by renowned yachtsman Boris Herrmann and Pierre Casiraghi, grandson of Monaco’s late Prince Ranier III and actress Grace Kelly. The boat, too, was once named the Edmond de Rothschild, after the financial baron and founder of a fleet of racing yachts.” In short, she is being chauffeured on a Rothschild yacht, captained by a prince and cheered on by almost every politician and elitist public opinion leader except Trump. Greta herself accurately stated “I am one of the very, very few people in the world who actually can do this and I think I should take that chance.” (because not everyone can afford to travel by private sail boat). RT commented:“Despite the cheers of bourgeois bugmen, Greta’s trip of a lifetime reveals the feckless elitism at the heart of her activism. Sailing across the Atlantic on a multimillion dollar racing yacht is a wonderful stand against climate change when you’re Greta Thunberg. But to dock in New York and demand the miserable masses give up car and air travel is the ultimate in anti-humanitarianism.” And of course, her sailing trip produces much more CO2 then if she had taken an airplane. That’s right, the poor girl may not realise it, but she and all the climate change students are being used to promote a global socialist two class system, with no middle class. just a tiny elite and then the rest of us, it has nothing to do with environmental protection or justice. When Angela Merkel says gasoline cars will be outlawed in a few years and self-driving will be allowed only with government permission in 20 years, she doesn’t mean in the future, you will be chauffeured by your fancy Tesla as you sleep. Renewable energies are not working. It is time to simply ask ourselves after 30 years of the biggest government subsidies program in history: Which technology has ever worked sustainably, after it needed more and more subsidies every year for decades? The German Green Party demands to ban all combustion engine cars by 2025, just as it is planned in France and Great Britton by the year 2040. No one has proposed any idea with what kind of magical alternative energy the new cars will be powered. In short, what they are really saying is: “You will not be driving or flying and we tell you what you can eat and when you can heat you home.

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  1. Agreed Sasha. I listened to Marc Maroni yesterday and he was equally convincing. It is very disturbing to watch all this unfold. Of course it wont work. It will just smash everything into chaos and dysfunction then the real agenda is revealed. Real repressive black booted global totalitararianism.

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