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Mum arrested after putting rubbish in wrong bin bag

Yahoo News Australia 

A mum has been arrested after using the wrong coloured bin bags.

Lindsey Webb, 34, from Ipswich in England’s east, dumped 60 garbage bags outside her home for 22 days, Metro reports.

Ms Webb was detained for breaching the Environmental Protection Act four times since March and failing to appear in court in April.

The court heard the mum of three continued to use black garbage bags instead of the clear and orange ones for waste separation.

Prosecutor Richard Essex said Ms Webb and other residents were told from March they needed to use the orange and clear bags to encourage recycling. They were advised black bags of rubbish could no loner be put out on the path.

He added residents were told to get in touch with council to receive them.

But Ms Webb claims she never received the correct bags.

The rubbish was reported by a passing warden who saw 10 black bags on the pavement on March 4.

She was also witnessed on CCTV pushing a trolley full of garbage bags at 3.30am.

Her lawyer Jeremy Kendall argued she produced a lot of waste due to her three kids.

Mr Kendall added his client claimed she was given permission by council to continue using the black bags “on collection days”.

No conviction was recorded but the 34-year-old was ordered to pay about $90 to council.

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Green police

Green police



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