Democrat Media Propaganda over Syria

Not even CNN’s Propaganderson Cooper has delivered such bold Fake News:

The left-and fake -conservative media and political  establishment are again showing that they are the war mongers. Just after Trump announced to pull troops from Syria and the majority of Democrats immediately claimed ‘now it is Trump’s fault when the Kurds get bombed’, ABC pulled the most despicable ‘Wag-the Dog’ style fake news propaganda. They even cut and covered the bottom of the clip with the spectators of the Military Gun Show in Kentucky. Thus, for ABC to say it was a mistake, is just more cold-blooded lies.


WATCH: ABC Shows Fake Video Of Turkey Attacking Syria; Video From Kentucky Gun Event:



Then we see a woman with an unconscious baby, saying it was killed in an attack, but the child is clearly moving and alive, blinking eyes and moving the head, while it is used as a movie prop. (watch on my twitter if the video does not start).



Life people set up as props, feigning dead.





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